20 important events of my lifetime

  • Baby sister being born

    Baby sister being born
    My little sister and I was very excited to be a big sister
  • Class Teddy Bear

    Class Teddy Bear
    I got to take home the class teddy bear for the weekend
  • Big birthday gift

    Big birthday gift
    I got my acoustic guitar when I turned 6
  • My parents split

    My parents split
    my parents legalized their divorce
  • I'm a big girl now

    I'm a big girl now
    My first day of first grade in the big building of my school.
  • My precious baby girl (my dog)

    My precious baby girl (my dog)
    Me and my sister got our dog Stella as our big girl birthday present
  • My first play

    My first play
    I was the big bad wolf in my first play, I was in first grade.
  • Airplaneeee

    I took my first airplane ride ever to Arizona with my dad and little sister
  • Creative writing

    Creative writing
    I wrote my most complex piece of writing in 5th grade about my special place, my grandfathers workshop.
  • My first stitches

    My first stitches
    I got my first set of stitches in my right leg in 5th grade
  • Started singing in my school band

    Started singing in my school band
    I was one of the lead singers and guitar players in my schools band in 6th grade

    covid hit and we were told to go home for 2 weeks, but we all know where that led to....
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    After almost 2 years online schooling, I finally graduated elementary school.
  • First day of freshman year

    First day of freshman year
    It was my first day of freshman year and i wore a black jumpsuit with a long red cardigan
  • My first highschool football game

    My first highschool football game
    I went to my first high school football game with a big group of friends and big backpack of dollar tree snacks and drinks.
  • My first taft theater performance

    My first taft theater performance
    I performed in All Together Now! my first taft prodcution, and from there....an era was born.
  • First Choir concert

    First Choir concert
    I participated with Ms. Jones in my first choir concert with the freshman singers.
  • 9-5 the musical!!

    9-5 the musical!!
    I performed in 9-5 the musical!
  • Just August 17th

    Just  August 17th
    this day was simply horrific , and it plays a significant role as to some of the most important things I've learned this year.
  • Now on 17's platform

    Now on 17's platform
    My birthday was a very special, joyous, and sad day. It taught me a lot and represents a lot to me and of me.