19th Century Imperialism

  • Period: to

    British In India

  • Lord Cornwallace Expands Indian Territory

    Using his Sepoy Army, He expands British East India Company's Territory
  • Congress of Vienna

    Beginning of Imperialism
  • Period: to

    Opium Wars

  • Treaty of Nanjing

  • Period: to

    Taiping Rebellion

  • Black Ships Arrive in Tokyo Bay

    American Ships, demanding that Japan Opens its long closed trading ports
  • Sepoy Rebellion

  • Midway Acquired

    For American Empire
  • Meiji Restoration

    Unpopular Shogun replaced wiht 15-year old Modernist Emperor
  • Berlin Conference

  • Chicago World's Fair

    "Columbian Fair" 400 years
  • Period: to


    Economic Collapse --> Railroad industry hurt
  • Venezuela Crisis

    Britain and U.S. on verge of War
  • Hawaii Annexed

  • Spanish American War

  • Hundred Days of Reform

    China's Modernist Attempt
  • U.S. Annexes Philippines