when I went to mexico

  • When I went to Mexico

    When I went to Mexico and meet my family the family I never knew and the family I never knew was a cool family they werer awsome all of my family have computer even my grandma I I'am so lukcy
  • Christmas

    In Decenber 25,2005 I believed alot in santa and I wanted a phone and then the next day I woke up every early and woke up my parents and I opened my present and I saw it my phoneand I was so exited but few years later I found out thaty it was a fake phone.
  • When I celebrated my 10th birthday

    When my parents big sister Miranda were really mad at me because they were faking it and I didn't know why they grauned me and put me to do all the chores in the house I got so mad and I talked back to my parents and to my sister and they started to laugh and then my parents and my sister toke my outside and outside all of my family and friends were there and I started to cry of happyness
  • When my sister Litzy was born

    When my sister was born I got so happy because I love baby's and having my siter at the house was so fun bacause when I played with her it was fun.
  • Finnaly it is Christmas

    Yes it is time to open my preesnts awsome lets see witch one should I open first lets see oh I should open this one mom can you give that present please which one Betsy that one that has the blue ribbon here thank you mom your welcome Betsy open it open it open it open it open it ok peaple Iam going wow thank you mom for this cool present what is it Betsy it is a cellphone what wireless cricket
  • This is the day I'am going to Marble Falls

    This is it the day I'am going to Marblr Falls with the school it will be fun going to Marble Falls because I will be with friends only that is awsome and the parets can't go with us toMrble Falls.When we all got there we were all happy and the Marble Falls teachers told us a cooooool sond that goes like this ATTIUDE CHECK WE FELL GOOD O WE FEEL SO GOOD UHH and there is a clap that goes HAND CHECK 5 5 3 3 SWITH 1 BUT CLAPPING and we ate lunch and we ate spagetti it was so good I went for second
  • Iam going to graduate from college

    When I graduate college I am going to be a docter so that I can help other peaple and save lifes
  • July 4th

    In July 4th all of us americans celebrate July 4th Independence Day and you pop fireworks and you make food and make partys that are so awsome and when you celebrate you can pop fireworks,eat marshmallopws and so forth