China: Between the Wars

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In History
  • Republican Revolution

  • Sun Yatsen is President of Republic.

  • Yuan Shikai (commander of Chinese military) becomes president.

    *Becomes dictatorial*
  • Sun's friend Song forms National People's Party

  • Yuan assassinated Song

    *National People's Party had gained majority seats in parliament* *Afterwards Yuan made himself president for life*
  • Yuan died of natural causes.

  • China declares war on Germany to gain back territory taken by Allied Japanese.

  • The government in Beijing secretly signed over the disputed territory to the Japanese.

  • May Fourth Movement

    When the Beijing Government's actions are discovered, demonstrations break out amongst Chinese radicals. They blamed traditional culture for hindering China from becoming a dominant world power in an industrialized age. They cried out for a new culture and Westernization. They wanted to abandon age-old systems and adopt democratic ways of life.
  • Formation of Chinese Communist Party

    Formed by group of radicals, some from Beijing university.
  • Mao Zedong is a member of the C.C.P.

  • Party Alliances

    In order to defeat Imperialistic government in Beijing, Sun Yatsen agrees to join with the Chinese Communist Party in order to gain the support of the Soviet Union.
  • Sun Yatsen dies

  • Chiang Kai-shek (commander of Nationalist army) works to conquer Chinese territory under imperialistic control.

  • China had three capitals: imperial captial in Beijing, communists, and nationalists.

  • Mao Zedong led peasant insurrection known as Autumn Harvest Uprising.

  • China under Communist party and Chiang Kai-shek recognized internationally.

  • Japanese seized Manchuria, Chinese province.

  • Mao and 100,000 men evacuate through mountainous areas.

  • Mao Zedong traveled through mountain and swampland

  • Ended Long March: Only 30,000 men survived.

    Established Mao Zedong as leader of Communist party, which was making gains in southern provinces.
  • Nationalist troops held Chaing Kai-shek hostage until he agreed to fight to regain lost territory.

  • Japan attacks and Nationalists turn to Communists to fight against Japan.

    Uneasy alliance between Nationalists and Communists is formed.
    They each sought control, and the alliance quickly breaks down.
  • Mao Zedong preps Red Army for eventual seizure of China.