• Week 1

    You should have started to answer the questions you have asked about the Capuchin or Chimpanzee
  • Week 3

    You should have started looking at methods of preventing boredom in either the capuchin or chimpanzee... Make sure you acknowledge everyone's ideas as you dont know what will work
  • Week 5

    You should have sketches and plans of what your piece of equipment might look like. These are plans. We should be able to start combining people's different ideas to see what we can come up with
  • Week 6

    Decide on which components will make up your design and draw up plans ready to produce a prototype.
  • Week 9

    Have your final design completed and a prototype made by the end of today for photographing and entering into the competition. We need to decide what aspects of our plan would work and which wouldnt so me can evaluate our design.