1750ce 1914ce muggenborg

  • Period: to

    industrial revolution

    widespread use of machines and change to heavy industry from agriculture
  • watts steam engine

    increased fuel efficency used on boats and trains,owered by pressured steam.
  • waterframe

    provided more power to spinning frames.
  • spinning jenny

    sparked the industrial revolution and used to produce yarn
  • cotton gin

    able to seperate the cotton from the seed faster and more efficient the cotton production increased less need for slave labor
  • britain outlaws slavery

    decided slavery was unlawful after court decision also abolished slavery in india.
  • invention of the telegraph

    invented by Friedrich Clemens Gerk and claude chappe invented first for of electric communication
  • Period: to

    mexican independence

    gain indepence from spain started by peasant rebbelion join forces of rebels and ex spanish royalists
  • Period: to

    brazillian independence

    alot of political disputes between portugal and brazil was given their independence by the prince of portugal
  • Period: to

    greek independence

    gained independence from the ottomans after years of fighting
  • Period: to

    commodore mathew perry

    commanded a ship to establish a naval base in key west.
  • Period: to

    opium wars

    fought because trade disputes over china and great britain and wanted to sell opium to china but china didnt want to
  • afrikaners great trek

    they traveled from cape colony to the inland
  • end of atlantic slave trade

    sent ships of people to africa to control the flow of slaves over the atlantic
  • Period: to

    taiping rebellion

    civil war in southern china hetrodox christians against qin dynasty killed 20 million
  • Period: to

    crimean war

    fought between russian empire against the french,britain,and ottoman empire over territories
  • Period: to

    sepoy rebellion

    caused the collapse of the mughal empire and the end of company rule in india
  • Period: to

    british rule in india

    after the sepoy rebellion the british raj takes over and rules india
  • emancipation of the serfs in russia

    made by alexader 2 of russia serfs were granted full rights of free citizens
  • Period: to

    meiji restoration

    changed from feudal sytem to capitalisim
  • suez canal

    to ease transport between asia and europe
  • Period: to

    imperilazton of africa

    THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA powerful nations raced to gain territory and resources and colonize africa
  • Period: to

    boxer rebellion

    in northern china,fought against western influence in china the alliance won
  • african national congress

    founded inorder to gain more rights for the black south african population