Africa, Muhhamed, and Byzantine Empire

  • 300

    Camels were brought to the Sahara(helped trade)

    Camels were brought to the Sahara Desert and were excellent traveling animals. They could drink and eat very little and could travel many miles. They could also carry heavy loads.
  • Mar 21, 628

    Muhhamed pilgrimage to Makkah

    Muhhamed fled to Makkah in 622, but came back. He than took some of his followers to Makkah of a pilgrimage.
  • Period: Mar 21, 632 to Mar 21, 750

    Byzantine Spread of Islam

    This is when the Byzantines conqueered other contries and started to spread Islam. The spread of Islam ended when the Byzantines launched an attack in Spain and lost.
  • Jan 1, 670

    Conquer of the Middle East

    This is when the Byzantines conquered Syria, Iraq, and Persia. They now had the whole Middle East under their control.
  • Mar 21, 711

    Lose Battle in Spain

    This was the Byzantine's first loss and stopped them from spreading Islam into Spain.
  • Jan 1, 1203

    End of Ghana's Empire

  • Mar 21, 1453

    End of the Byzantine Empire(conquered by Turks)

    The Turks had finally won the battle agianst the Byzantines and ended the Byzantine Empire once and for all.
  • Period: to Mar 21, 1500

    Middle East, Byzantine Empire, and Africa