Physchology Dev. Timeline

  • DOB (infancy)

  • Divorce

    My parents divorced shortly after i was born. I have not had a father figure in my life since he left my family. My mom has been both mom and dad.
  • Object permance

    Playing peak-a-boo as a child. When you think that the person playing peak-a-boo is really disappearing but then you eventually learn they are really there.
  • Attachment

    We are attached to those people who are around us. When I was 3, I was attached to my older brothers. I had to go everywhere that they went. I looked up to them even at a young age
  • Stranger anxiety

    We were always taught to never talk to strangers and be careful at all times. I was often scared when someone approcahed my mom and I had never known them.
  • Parenting Styke

    My mom was a very relaxed mom, She has 2 boys before me. She would allow you to do something but if you showed her that you were not responsible enough then you would not be able to do it again until you can show that you can handle the certian situation
  • Self-Esteem

    At this time in life, we start becoming individuals. We like what we like, and dont like what we don't like. We dress ourselves and can make small decisions. Our self-confidence starts to kick into play.
  • Adolescent growth spurt

    I was taller than all the girls and most of the guys in my class. Sometimes, people would jokingly call me 'giraffe'. It never bothered me because they were my friends and i accpected the fact that I was a tall girl. Eventually, everyone else caught up!
  • Puberty

    My body started making changes.
  • Juvenile delinquency

    I had a friend and i went to this vendor fair with her and my mom. A lady at one of the jewlry vendors started giving us a weird look and I was unaware of why. Later it turned out that the girl i look with me was stealing. She tried to blame it on me, Later that day, we went downtown and an officer had a talk with us,
  • Post conventional moral reasoning

    I have started to develop my own morals and personal values, and therefore I could make decisions on my own. For example, I chose what crowd I thought would benefit me the most to be around.
  • Cliques

    This is when cliques started to form and friends at school started becoming their own self and didn't always accpect everyone else.
  • Peer Pressure

    The friends that I started hanging out with were getting into other things and I was often asked to do the same. For example, drugs, drinking, and sometimes sex
  • Contact comfort

    Being in contact with someone is comforting. Getting used to having the same people around was always nice and it was comforting
  • Young Adulthood

    I am making bigger decisions for my life and becoming more and more independent each day. For example, I will soon be deciding where I will attend college and what I will study in my later years of life.