Middle East Project

  • Cairo Conference

    Cairo Conference
    They wanted to enforce an agreemenand control Iraq indirectly. Wanted to reduce cost and British soldiers. Which eventually sets up modern day middle east. Arabs revollted. Arabs weakened and lost. MacDonald White Paper- restricts jew immigration and overtuurns Balfor.
  • Creation of Israel

    Creation of Israel
    Created United Nations. Zionism form a Jewish Community. Partition of land Arabs disliked it less land for them. The Jews have more land but less population. Jewish kept gaining land while others were loosing it.
  • Pan-Arabism

    All Arabs united and it fails. There was Secularism, Socialism, and Nationalism. Suez canal beaten. United Nations settle crisis.
  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    Security for Israel. There was a destruction Israel for Arab. Israel launches the pre-emotive. Israel yet again gains landNassar loses face in the Arab world. Then the Israel decides with the land called "Land of the Peace".
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    They attack Israel on Yom Kipper. Eygpt loses again. No one can beat Israel. So they call the prime minister of Israel. They meet with Jimmy Carter at Camp David. Peace between Eygpt and Israel came about and Sinai was given back to Eygpt.
  • Assasination of Sadat

    Assasination of Sadat
    Sadat was killed at the parade.
  • Iranian Revolution

    The Shah of Iran. Iranians didnt like the Shah. There was a hostage situation. They took 52 hostages and let them free when Jimmy Carter resigned which was 444 days later.
  • Iraq Invasion of Kuwait

    The invasion was led by elite republican Guard. They used helicopters and boats and assualted Kuwait Directly. Accused Kuwait for stealing Iraqs oil. Iraq won and Saddam Hussien was the leadrer.