Kris's Life Timeline

By kquinn
  • Pre Natal Development and Birth

    I Revieved all prenatal vitamins, all ultra sounds appeared normal at first. Towards the 8th month my mother had a high embroyiotic sack leak, endusing to a 12 hour natural labor. Then I was born!
  • First two years

    Biosocial- jumping, climbing and walking forward and backward. My parents encouraged talking.
    Cognitive-My first word was at 12 months and had sentences by age 2
  • Play Years

    Biosocial- growing in to the 50 percentile my body was "average" as I was very well nourished. By 2 I could jump climb everything in my vision and began using mini utencils toeat. Drawling with big crayons was my favorite even though they were scribbling.By 3 I could play ball with my brothers, learned to walk down stairs. By 4 I could use my own sizzors, and brust my own teeth, i wanted to be independent like my brothers. By 5 I was climbing trees and helping around the house.
  • Play Years Continues

    By the age 6 i was riding my own bike and very independent with much better fine motor and gross motor skills.
    Cognative- at 2 all i could do was aky"why" by 3 my sentences became more collective with words and by 5 they were well put.
    Psychosocial- I had a very high self-esteem and was developing the skills to managing my emotions. Due to my health parenting style.
  • School Year

    Biosocial- was very active running around with older brothers and i many sports.
    Cognative-Gained greater memory, knowledge, and skills. I even became a student tutor throught 2-4 grade.
    Psychosocial- with four older brothers I was the bully in elementry school, even little as I was.
  • adolescence

    Biosocial- I began puberty around 14 and experienced many new horomones and emotions. I was very active in dance and gymnastics
    Cognative- I was very emotional and irrational with many feelings I had yet to understand,I also learned i can help teach others while learning and enhancing my own knowldge.
    Psychosocial- I was very lost and didn't quite know my own identity and began dating
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial- I was working out twice a day and hooked on a healthy diet. I did lots of volunteer work and stayed busy working.
    Cognative- mastered experience and intellectual thinking
    Psychosocial- I finally found what my gaols were and what I needed to do to acheive them by the time I wanted to be there. In that process I found the love of my life.
  • Adulthood

    From ages 25 to 65
    Biosocial-In the beginning I will notice skin agin and loss of body shape. I will also embark on menopause.
    Cognative- I will alwyas be learning so my mind wont decline.
    Psychological- My social life will go from clubs to dinner parties. I will be married and have my family and close friends to share life with.
  • Late Adulthood

    65- death
    Biosocial-with our vastly growing technology I will be able to live a long health life. I will be "young-old" As my age progresses my brain slows down a little.
    Cognative- I will be long retired by this time and will be easier as im not functioning the same, especially with my memory.
    Psychosocial- I will have an in staff nurse at my home as I get older. I would never be able to accept living in a retirement home. Stay close with my family and friends and staying active as possible.
  • Death and Dying

    I am prepaired to die at an old age. With many loved ones I would soon be joined. Im not afraid of it or will never be in denial if soemthing were to happen. Only better can come of it.