• Egypt Protests

    Egypt Protests
    By this date, many protestors have gathered throughout Egypt to protest against President Mubarak. Society in Egypt was upset at the decisions made by the president an decided to raise up and fight for what is right. This has been a huge issue and has put many people through pain. The photo attached is a picture of a gathering of people and protesting.
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    Protests in Egypt

  • Tahrir Square

    Tahrir Square
    This was the major area where the revolution of Egypt took place. The protesting in the square was known as the "beating heart" of the revolution. If it were not for the protesting in Tahrir square, the egyptions might not have won the overthrowing of Mubarak.
  • President Mubarak resigns

    President Mubarak resigns
    This is the day that many people had been fighting for. Protesting started to get rid of the President of Egypt and to get him out of office. He was a dictator in their country and they didnt like his ideas, so they wanted him out of office. Thousands of people are injured or died to fight for what they believed in and this event showed us that anything is possible if we put our mind to it.
  • 18 Days of Protest

    18 Days of Protest
    After 18 days of protesting, Egyptions celebrated over the leaving of Mubarak and the new life of freedom and the ablility to make decisions. People gathered around Egypt to celebrate the victory over the resignation of President Mubarak.
  • Results on death

    Results on death
    On this day, we learned that hundreds of people gave their life for this protesting. If you think thats a lot, you should know that thousands of people were injured durinig this protest.