Claire's Timeline

  • I was born

    I was the first kid my parents had- a very exciting day for them!!!
  • My Baptism

    I was baptised on this day by Father Steve. My godparents are my aunt Lisa and uncle Jeremy, and my uncle Bill.
  • I Took My 1st Steps

    On this day I proudly took my first couple of steps. A very important day!
  • My younger sister Cameo was born

    Not a very fun day for me, I was stuck in the hospital with my dad eating the hospital food and waiting impatiently for my sister to be born! But when Cameo was born I was very excited and the first thing I wanted to do was hold her!!!
  • My family and i moved to Menasha, a city near Appleton

    I can hardly remember this big move, I was only two years old! All I know is my parents wanted to move to Menasha to be near my Grandma, so she could help babysit my wild sister and I!
  • The 9/11 Tragedy

    A series of attacks that wrecked the Twin Towers in New York. A devastating attack.
  • I moved back to Verona, from Menasha

    After three years, my parents decided they missed their friends back in Verona, plus Menasha had many big buildings which caused lots of pollution- not good for us to be breathing in! Of course I did NOT want to move, I had made many good friends and being only 5 years old, I thought I couldn't survive without my friends. After going to a new school, I made many new friends, but I still keep in touch with my old friends!
  • The War between Iraq and the U.S Began

    The War between Iraq and the United States began.
  • My very first year at school- Kindergarden!

    This was one of the most exciting days for me- at least when I was 5! I was a little nervous, but my teacher was nice and I made plenty of friends!!!!
  • Hurricane Katrina Hit the U.S

    In 2005, a tremendous hurricane started in the Gulf of Mexico and worked its way up into Louisianna and New Orleans. A very devastating stiuation.
  • I joined a summer swim team, Hawks Landing

    Since I was little i loved to swim! in Menasha i as involved with a swim team called Swimtastic, and when we moved back to Verona my parents wanted to put me and my sister into another swim team. They found a really nice pool that was only fifteen minutes from where we lived. So they decided to try it. Turns out this is where we decided to stay and even now, during summer I still swim at Hawks Landing!
  • Our Family trip to Disney World

    My family and I took our second trip to Disney World, we had a blast! We got to see all of our favorite Disney characters and also got to go on a relaxing cruise!!!! Plus, unlike here in Wisconsin, the sun was shining and it was over 80 degrees!!!!
  • I joined Verona Aquatics Club

    Since I love to swim sooooooo much, I really wanted to swim more than just summers. A swim friend from Hawks Landing told us about an all-year round team, Verona Aquatics Club, VAC for short. The coaches there help me a lot and give me good pointers . And I love it!!!!
  • My 1st Dog, Bailey Passed Away

    Only two days from Thanksgiving, my dog Bailey was very sick and had to be put down. He had a tumor in his brain, and you could tell he was suffering. We decided to put him down, since he would have to go through a huge amount of pain everyday if we didn't.
  • Barack Obama Became 44th President of the U.S

    The first African- American in history to become the president of the United States on this day!!!
  • Our family got Cody, A White Cockapoo

    Earlier this month, my sister had been browsing for puppies on the internet and had come across a website that was selling hypo-allergenic cockapoos in Wisconsin. We looked further into it and decided to go ahead and buy this dog. Now, two years later, we absolutely love him!!!!
  • My family got Tucker, a brown, curly cockapoo

    in November 2007, my dog Bailey died. It was a really sad couple of months for us. We had no one to give our extra food scraps to, or no one to greet us at the door. We had to get another dog. We went online to a website for hypo-allergetic dogs ( I am allergic to dogs). We got our first dog, Cody an adorable white cockapoo and we fell in love with him and thats when we decided to get another dog. On March 14, 2008 I got MY dog Tucker and I love him!!!
  • Last day of Elementry School!

    After this day, I was no longer a little 5th grader, I was now a powerful 6th grader. A new school, new friends and new homework routines would all be beginning in a short three months and I was extremely excited!
  • My Parents Celebrated their 20- Year Anniversary

    My mom and my dad have been married for 20 years,m almost 21. My parents were married 8 years before they had me! :)
  • Left for an awesome vacation in Montana/Wyoming

    My family and I went on a 24-hour drive to Montana and Wyoming. We did many fun activities like horseback riding and white water rafting. A very fun vacation for all four of us!!!!
  • Our First Fish Rainbow Passed Away

    Rainbow is a goldfish- interesting name for only being one color. The fish was 7 years and 8 months old, which is actually pretty long for a goldfish to live.