Events in my life

  • My Birth

    I was Born
  • Some Guy I have never heard of died

    He was the only big thing that happened on my birthday his name is Bernard frank
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Tornados destroy south

    Tornados destroy alot of south U.S. causing large amount of damage
  • moved to cedar rapids

    moved to cedar rapids not sure about any of it just guessing
  • 7.6 Earthquake hits Taiwan

    7.6 earthquake destroys large area in Taiwan
  • 9/11

    terrorist attack pentigon and world trade center
  • Move to walford

    Moved to walford stayed for 7 years know year not date
  • Saddam Hussien captured

    Know date unsure of year
  • San Diego

    My family went to San Diego for Vaction
  • Shadow Dies

    My dog shadow dies
  • First Paintball game

    I Play Paintball at My church camp and love playing it
  • Went to Diney World

    For Christmas my family went to Disney world
  • Move to Swisher

    My family moved to current house