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  • Movements begin in Egypt

    Movements begin in Egypt
    The social movements begin in the streets of Egypt such as protest and marches occur. The people begin to collide with the police. People targeted to two biggest cities in Egypt Alexandria and Ciro.
  • Period: to

    Egyptian Revolution

  • Tear Gas

    Tear Gas
    The Egyptian police begin to use tear gas against the people. The protests begin to get violent. The battles between civilians and the police begin.
  • Eu Joins In

    Eu Joins In
    The European Union calls for the free relections in Egypt. As protestrers still rage the cities of Egypt. They hope with the help of the EU that it will help ease the situtation;.
  • Refusals

    President Murbarak still refuses to step down from his "elected" title. The Protests grow more advanced and the son of the previous presidents' son joins in on the protests.
  • Restoration of the Internet

    Restoration of the Internet
    The Internet is restored to some parts of Egypt. Protesters claimed that some of the military allowed armed protesters to enter the Alexandria town square.
  • The End of a Regieme

    The End of a Regieme
    President Hosni Murbarak resigns as president of Egypt and delivers the powers to the military. The country is happy. The news breaks worldwide. The revolution continues.
  • Bringing down the House

    Bringing down the House
    Civilians celebrate in the streets as the police come and clean up after days of angry protesters.
  • Bringing Down the House

    Bringing Down the House
    Civilians celebrate on the streets of Egypt while police escort them out of the town square.