My Life

By Dylan1
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born at 7:28PM on a Tuesday at St. Lukes hospital
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Dolly the Sheep was cloned

    Dolly the Sheep was cloned
    Dolly the sheep was cloned. Now that we cloned her we could clone other people for organs.
  • Mom and Dad married

    Mom and Dad married
    My mom and dad got married
  • First word

    First word
    My first word was "momma"
  • First steps

    First steps
    I took my First Step by my self
  • My Brother was born

    My Brother was born
    My brother was born at 4:30PM at St. Lukes Hospital
  • Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse
    The big thing about this is it doesn't happen so often
  • Y2K

    everyone thought all the computers were going to crash and ruin everything.
  • Started Pre-School

    Started Pre-School
    I started school at Jane Boyd
  • 9/11

    Twin Towers were attacked by terrorists and the pentagon was attacked by terrorist also.
  • Basketball Game

    Basketball Game
    I played my very first basketball game
  • My dog

    My dog
    I got my first dog tiako
  • hurrican katrina

    hurrican katrina
    Hurrican Katrina was the worst hurricane ever
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    osa Parks died it was so important because she stood up and fought for black peoples freedom
  • Saddem Husein executed

    Saddem Husein executed
    He was the biggest terrorist
  • Iowa flood 2008

    Iowa flood  2008
    It was the biggest flood in iowa
  • First Black President

    First Black President
    Barack Obama was Eleceted first balck president ever
  • Oil spill

    Oil spill
    Oil spill into the gulf was a big disaster the oil went all the way to the coast of florids
  • Uncle's death

    Uncle's death
    My Uncle Russ died from a heart attack
  • Aunts Death

    Aunts Death
    My Aunt Missy died from cancer