my life of hannah douglas

By aberela
  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born feb 20th 2000 i was just born and so my mom had my brother his name is tyler hes older than me by 2 years older . i live in queens ya. i move to SI . I moved their when was 2. Im am soooo cool im many things mostly hiapanic asian white indian jamican britsh . im and super funny fast and more
  • Period: to

    hannah douglas

    in feb 20 2000 i was born my name was hannah douglas and i have one brother one mother and one dad . I come from a big back ground . im jamican , im white , im indian , im britsh , im japanise , im hispanic thats all . i have a alot of family members . i came out a cute child and evryone said i am . i have a amazing voice . im fast , strong , smart , funny , cool , pretty , skinny , im good at sports alot of them .
  • dead and gone

    dead and gone
    well my dads family lives in jamica and so his fatrher had past so we went up to jamica and went to his funeral . so we had some big party and we stayed their for a month thats a schoker . I had a hard time dealing with it . Even when i worked on the farm i hated it but my granma lived in a beach house
  • st john lutheran

    st john lutheran
    i was 5 im am the second oldist kid in class . i made friend like that i came to thats school in kindergarden . like my brother tyler . i was fast and furiouse i was funny and more i come from a big back ground so my family always supported me throughtout many things . like when i grauted . well that s my kindergarden lfe now summer
  • ms gay

    ms gay
    ms gay was my 1st grade teacher . she was scary i hated writing my name on the boared . i hated that she made me sit next to a heavy breather . But i love i was a ninty student . me and someone else . we ate healthy that i hated and erica derose she was a animal . she would spit in my face a , obssed witha pig name peper she said piza for pizza and shut the lights for turn off the lights and sistster for sister . she was a mess she bit her nails all the the time that was first grade life
  • chiujahjah

    it was when i was 7 i was not scared of nothing and this onog and thing it was a chijahjah . my neighbor she had one name and it was presiouse the devil dog i was eating a hot dog and my neightbors brother said hot dog his sister is younger then me and the dog came for a hot dog we ran and she got me i was bitten and she was a animal
  • all a boared the carnival crusie

    all a boared the carnival crusie
    my church was having a trip to the carnival cruise . me my mom and myand brother oh and my friends we went everywhere for a week . we went to a beach ,parties , crazie bin for kids in a camp that we had to sleep in that was boring we were in our pjs and not enjoying one bit . we had free food and me and my friend leslie went to the foods resturant all the time ........ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • new years !!!!!!!!

    new years !!!!!!!!
    it was 12 :00 in the morning and it was newyears and me and and my friends at church eating out side cause we had parties and this one every year yay yay so lets cut to the chase we were out side while my cousin mark broke his was throwing ice at my face and so i threw it at him back and he went on a ranpage and so he fell and he fell later on and busted his lips
  • luis

    this was the day my friend luis came to our school and he was nice i sat next to him me and my friend salam talked him the most and he was cool and then he hot diffrent and hes luis and hes nice thne mean and nice but luis is my bff ya
  • my birthday party

    my birthday party
    It was my party at mars in manhattan . my aun tand my mom planed it for me . i invite d my cousins and my friends . got mad money . i was happy cause there was a ride and that was awsome and we had good food and a oreo cake that was the best
  • justin bieber

    justin bieber
    i fell in love s justin biebr . hes amazing . His voice is a instrument that makes he happy . i have the beiber fever . take it or leave it or thoses who dont like it . justin bieber is such a inspirerment to me an i love his music its so lovely
  • bbq

    we partyed till the end of the world . we had a bbq at my aunts house and it was sooooo fun we had on at my house but then my uncel nocked our garge down and we were at my aunts till 3:00 -4:00 IN THE MORNING WE WERE ANIMAL. we had a plast there i go there every day but it is fun
  • Fight

    This is about my fight in 4th grade . The whole class fought . Over the dumbidt reason . Game of frisbe we were playing and we were having fun . It was agame we had called frisbe show down and we had to have the hardest throw to someone and then someone said lets have altimate frisbe . We said no then someone came and said that we should when its the same . Then we said that yuo are just stupid and you arent thinking . Then we went off into a fight . Then it got to a point not to be close
  • graduation

    it was over the summerand what happend was we had to go to my cousin gradutation . later on we went to a dinneer her sibings were there did i say she was 18 and her siblings were in there teens and her newph my cousins . hes like 3 sean . he caused trouble and that was a problem. but we had food and was it was fun
  • class clown

    class clown
    i was i was a miricale when it comes to jokes it was a amazing i hated being funny but then i said ill do it so i made peopel laught like crazy i was a a clown a class clown wooooah i was on fire i was hit by a a bike yes my brother he was going fast cause i crashed into a pole and bam i was hit. that was a sad day my cousin also ran my cousin ran me ova and she was on the same bike with my brother and it was to much weight on me that when i became funny