My Birthday Timeline Project

Timeline created by jenash712
  • I was born!

    I was born!
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    Hip Hip Hooray!
    I'm one today!
  • 2nd Birthday

    2nd Birthday
    Hip Hip Hooray!
    I'm two today!
  • My First Circus!

    My First Circus!
    My faveirite part was when I saw a bunch of pretty girls ride on elephants. The clowns were really funny and we had a great time.
  • Laura was born

    Laura was born
    My baby sister is born. I'm very excited. I'm becomeing a big sister.
  • 3rd Birthday

    3rd Birthday
    Hip Hip Hooray!
  • 4th Birthday

    4th Birthday
    I'm in Boston having lots of fun. My uncle graduated from Harvard. I'm in Boston Commons. We had chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cake. YUM!!!
  • Uncle Jed got married

    Uncle Jed got married
    Uncle Jed is now married. I am happy for him. We had fun at his wedding.
  • Last day of VPK

    Last day of VPK
    Chets Creek, here I come! I was excited to be in the same building as my mom.
  • 5th Birthday

    5th Birthday
    I am turning 5 now. This was my last birthday at Palms Prescool. So me and my classmates go to the zoo for my party.
  • My first recital!

    My first recital!
    It was the best time I ever had dancing. I can't believe it happened on my birthday. In my recital I didn't just do ballet. I did tap and ballet. I had a great time.
  • First Camping Trip

    First Camping Trip
    I went with Ashlynn, Mom and Dad. It was very tireing for everyone because all of the walking.
  • First Trip to Disney

    First Trip to Disney
    I loved what we did there. I went with Uncle Ian, Aunt Elaine, Mom, Dad, Laura, Mama Judy, Pop, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Jed, and Cady.
  • 6th Birthday

    6th Birthday
    I had an awsome PUMP IT UP party!
  • 7th Birthday

    7th Birthday
    This year my parents took me and Laura to have lunch with princesses. We all had a great time.
  • Trip to Baltimore, MD

    Trip to Baltimore, MD
    My family went on a pirate ship in Baltimore. We had a great time. We even got to fight other pirates!!! We fought with water canons!!! I thought it was fun.
  • My First 5K Race

    My First 5K Race
    This was my first one. It was 3.1 miles. I cannot believe that my first grade and kindergarten teacher was my running buddy. It was the Girls on the Run 5K. I had the best time ever!