Justin 7th birthday 206

GROWING UP by Montana 2/7/11

  • Born

    I was born 10 days early and I still weighed 9lbs, 13oz.
  • Period: to

    Montana Jenkins

  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
  • 2nd Birthday

    2nd Birthday
  • 3rd Birthday

    3rd Birthday
    On my 3 birthday I got to go to Olie Koalas.
  • 4th Birthday

    4th Birthday
    On my 4th birthday I got to go to Olie Koalas.
  • Koen

    When my baby cousin Koen was born I got to hold and kiss him.
  • 5th Birthday

    5th Birthday
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    First Day of Kindergarten
    On the first day of school I was nervous.
  • 6th Birthday

    6th Birthday
    I had a Hannah Montana birthday party and all the girls dressed like Hannah Montana.
  • Emerson

    My cousin Emerson was born and I have lots of fun with him.
  • Hannah Montana Concert

    Hannah Montana Concert
    In the morning, my family woke me up and surprised me by telling me I was going to the Hannah Montana concert in Tampa. I was so excited!
  • 7th Birthday

    7th Birthday
  • 8th Birthday

    8th Birthday
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    I was surprised when my mom woke Justin and me up to tell us we were going to Disney World. We had a great day!