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About Me

  • Parents' Wedding Day <3

    Parents' Wedding Day <3
    mom's facebookThe day my parents were married. This is the day that my family was born! I am so thankful God blessed me with such a wonderful atmosphere of caring and loving people.
  • Rebekah's Birthday

    Rebekah's Birthday
    This is the day that I was born. I was blessed with two wonderful parents. In the near future, i would also be blessed with two younger brothers!
  • Period: to

    My life so far. . .

  • Stephen's Birthday

    Stephen's Birthday
    stephen's facebookToday is the day that my brother, Stephen, was born. He is an excellent swimmer, and a great friend. I am so proud of him for growing up to be such a wonderful man. He is attending college at VMI! So proud of him!
  • Forrest's Birthday

    Forrest's Birthday
    forrest's facebookToday my youngest brother, Forrest, was born. He is extremely smart and I love talking with him! His sense of humor is also very similar to mine - sarcastic and dry. I am proud of the man he is turning into, even if I am still jealous of his superb piano skills. . .
  • Salvation

    A good place to startThis is the MOST important day I will ever have. I am nothing without Christ, and I am so lucky to have been able to accept his gift at such a young age. Thank you to Jesus Christ for accepting me, a sinner, and thank you to my mother for helping me get there at such a young age.
  • Preschool Graduation

    Preschool Graduation
    I am now officially in Elementary School! I remember that I said I wanted to be a veterinarian back then. Funny, I do not like animals now and I get sick when someone talks about the doctor or medicine. Change is a wonderful thing!
  • Move from Louisiana to North Carolina

    Move from Louisiana to North Carolina
    This is the summer that my family completed our first move together. My father is in the United States Coast Guard, so my life involves quite a few settings. I am not complaining, I am actually very thankful for every experience that I have had because of his job.
  • Kindegarten Graduation

    Kindegarten Graduation
    victory christian I am officially a "big kid" now. How exciting! Considering I just moved to North Carolina, i am surprised I remember it.
  • My first trip alone

    My first trip alone
    This was a big deal for me. I was going on a trip to summer camp without my parents or my brothers. I had a wonderful time, but it was scary at first. One of the funniest memories about this trip was that our bus broke down and the pastor carried me inside to the hotel. Not funny until I tell you that I slept through the entire thing, I only know it happened because my friends told me when I woke up.
  • Gymnastic Accomplishment

    Gymnastic Accomplishment
    This was the meet where my gymnastics dreams seemed to be coming a reality. I won a silver medal, and was on my way to move up a level. Moving up a level meant i would be learning advanced movements and floor routines. However, this was my last gymnastics meet. In a few months, I dislocated my elbow - which ended any hope of my pursuit of a gymnast's lifestyle.
  • Move from North Carolina to Rhode Island

    Move from North Carolina to Rhode Island
    This is the summer I moved from NC to RH. It was pretty hard for me since I could actually remember my home in NC. However, I had fun in Rhode Island - even it was only 9 months. I was able to learn how to ride a horse and how to play the piano. I was homeschooled this one year because the private schools were rather expensive. I would not give up that year of homeschooling for anything - I was able to be taught by my mother AND I had tons of snow days!
  • Move from Rhode Island to Tennessee

    Move from Rhode Island to Tennessee
    I moved to Memphis this summer. It was a long move, but I highly enjoyed my life there. I did cheerleading, soccer, horseback riding, and piano lessons while there. I made many friends, and I gained valuable babysitting experiences.
  • Horseback Award

    Horseback Award
    I had been training in dressage style horseback for a few years, and exclusively with the Arabian breed. So, my trainer placed me in a competition. Well, my hard work paid off because I got best in show and first place awards! I was so excited! Sadly however, I had to move in the summer and was unable to continue with my trainer.
  • Move from Tennessee to California

    Move from Tennessee to California
    This was BY FAR the hardest move I had to make at this point in my life. I was very angry about this move, and I did not know how to deal with it. California was different from anything that my family had ever known, so we were all actually pretty freaked out. However, all of my family had a wonderful time in this beautiful state. I would go back in a heartbeat - San Fransico is easily my favorite city in the USA. Highlight of my time there: Half-Dome hike at Yosemite National Park.
  • Missions trip to Mexico

    Missions trip to Mexico
    I was graduating from the eighth grade in a matter of weeks. Before I could however, my class had to go on the traditional "eight grade missios trip" to Mexico. I can honestly say that this trip changed my life. Experiencing another culture so vastly different from my own was moving. It was this trip that made me realize my calling was to work with children.
  • Yosemite National Park - Half Dome Hike

    Yosemite National Park - Half Dome Hike
    yosemite national parkI cannot believe I was able to accomplish this task! I am so proud of myself for completing this monumental hike, and I hope to do it again one day soon! I went on this trip with a private highschool in Novato, CA that I had attended the previous year. Luckily, they allowed me to join them - even though I no longer attended their school (I was homeschooled that year). I also discovered my love of drawing with graphite on this trip when I won a sketching contest.
  • My Sweet Sixteen

    My Sweet Sixteen
    The main reason that I chose this birthday is because this was the day that I received my very first cell phone. Monumental day in my life that began the never ending cycle of texting and calling!
  • Family trip to Hawaii

    Family trip to Hawaii
    hawaiiThis spring break my family decided to hop on a military plane to go to Hawaii. It was quite an experience. Nothing like commercial flights, but hey, it was free! Hawaii is a beautiful place, and i hope to return one day. My favorite sight was probably Hanamu Bay - beautiful!
  • Baptism

    Although I do believe in baptism after salvation, I believe it should only be done when an individual realizes what it means. Well, I was only five when I was saved so I did not really know the meaning of the ritual. Therefore, I waited until I was 17 because I did not feel like I understood it until then. I was able to get baptised with my two brothers, so I am thankful that i waited to share that special day with them.
  • Move from California to Washington D.C.

    Move from California to Washington D.C.
    This is my hardest move ever. No questions asked, I DID NOT want to leave the "Golden State." I had made tons of friends, and I love the weather, culture and community. However, like a good "military brat" I packed up and drove East. Yes, we drove. . . it was an exciting trip that I will never forget. We went through California to Arizona (Grand Canyon), then to Texas with a pit stop in Alabama (to visit relatives). Lastly we went up to Washington D.C. - our new home.
  • First Jonas Brothers Concert

    First Jonas Brothers Concert
    jonas brothersSo, yes, I LOVE the Jonas Brothers. They are my guilty pleasure. This was the first concert of theirs that I went to, so it was exciting. My friend Michelle and I paid around $170 each for the tickets. It was definitely worth it even if we did not get to meet them.
  • My Eighteenth Birthday

    My Eighteenth Birthday
    BIG day in my life. I have now legally entered adulthood. While I still think that not all children become adults at this age, I realize that it still is an important date. I had a huge party with my best friend Annalise - her birthday is the 20th. It was loads of fun and I will always cherish that night.
  • The Curious Savage

    The Curious Savage
    john patrick I starred in my school's spring play, "The Curious Savage." I would do that over again and again if I could. Such a fun expereince that taught me so much! I love drama!
  • My high school graduation

    My high school graduation
    ECSBig day in my life. I graduated from my "childhood years." Not to say that it was not exciting, but I really did not want to graduate. I felt like it was too soon, but I cannot live in the past. College is definitely exciting, even though I am not too fond of my location at this point. But I am thankful for where I am at, and God has me here for a reason. Even if I do not know why, I accept it and cannot wait to see what His plans for my life are!
  • Second Jonas Brothers Concert

    Second Jonas Brothers Concert
    jonas brothers Yes. Michelle and I went again. This time, we paid about $300 dollars each, but we were able to sit in row 5! It was amazing, easily the best concert of my life. I lived in D.C. during my Jonas Brothers concert hopping phase, so you did not know when a new celebrity would drop by. Jordin Sparks was a guest performer, and the Obama family (the women at least) were in the stands with me!
  • First day of College

    First day of College
    USA Today was the beginning of my life as an adult. I am having a good time so far, but i cannot wait to be completely done with school and go into the world! I also plan on attending culinary school when I am done getting my degree in Elementary Education. Random, yes, but boring? NOPE!
  • My first Mardi Gras Parade

    My first Mardi Gras Parade
    I have attended Mardi Gras parades as a child, but seeing as I do not really remember any of them, i do not think that they count. So, this year was my first Mardi Gras in Mobile as an adult. It was so much fun to experience because my aunt and uncle are very involved in the floats and all, so I was even able to be on a float! It was awesome!