Mia's Wonderful Life

By miamya1
  • It's a girl

    It's a girl
    My name is Mia Angelique Cruz and i was born at 9:48 a.m. on January 4, 2001.
  • My first christmas

    My first christmas
    I went to Oklahoma City for my 1st christmas. I got new toys from Santa Claus.
  • My Baptism

    My Baptism
    I was baptized in Oklahoma City. My Godfather is Tio Nino and my Godmother is Titi Nina.
  • My 1st Birthday

    My 1st Birthday
    I celebrated my 1st birthday at my uncle Nino's house in Oklahoma City.
  • I,m a Big Sister

    I,m a Big Sister
    My sister Mya Lynn was born. I was really happy to be a Big Sister. She was very cute and i love to give her kisses.
  • Fun at Disney World

    Fun at Disney World
    I have lots of fun going to Disney World for the 1st time. I met the Disney characters and went on the rides.
  • Two Years Old.

    Two Years Old.
    I went to a farm in Puerto Rico for my 2nd birthday. I got to milk a cow, ride the ponies and pet little sheeps.
  • Fun with my sister

    Fun with my sister
    I love to play with my sister. She is my best friend.
  • My three years old birthday.

    My three years old birthday.
    I celebrated my third birthday at the Hands On Museum.
  • My 4 years old princess party

    My 4 years old princess party
    I celebtated my fourth birthday at a beach house in Puerto Rico. I had a princess castle cake.
  • I Love Gymnastics.

    I Love Gymnastics.
    My first gymnastics competition was at World Class. I won a trophy.
  • I turn 5 years old.

    I turn 5 years old.
    My birthday was at my Pre-School. My whole class and family celebtated with me.
  • My first day in kindergarten.

    My first day in kindergarten.
    On my first day at Chets Creek Elementary I had lots of fun. My teacher was Miss Sasso and i was a race driver.
  • Fun in the snow.

    Fun in the snow.
    My first time playing with snow. It was really fun sliding down the snow.
  • My sixth birthday.

    My sixth birthday.
    My sixth birthday was at Ollie Koalas. It was a Princess party. We had fun.
  • I am 7 years old.

    I am 7 years old.
    I celebrated my 7 years old birthday with my 1st grade class in Mrs. McLeod classroom. My cake was a little pet shop cake. We had fun.
  • My 8th birthday

    My 8th birthday
    I Celebrated my birthday at Applebee's with my family and my American doll Mia. I had a party in my 2nd grade classroom.
  • My handsome puppy

    My handsome puppy
    My sister and i got a puppy for our birthday. His name is M&M for Mia & Mya. He is really cute and playful. We love him very much.