My first 15 yeras of life

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  • My life

    I was born on 17th of June 1995 at 2:00 o'clock in Sabadell.
  • Nursery school

    When I was 2 years old, I strarted to go to nursery school.
  • My cousin Lucia.

    This day my cousin Lucia was born in Sabadell. She is eleven yers old,
  • Primary school.

    This day I started to go to primary school and I remember that this day I was nervous.
  • My cousin Raul

    This day my cousin Raul was born , that now he is seven years old and he goes to second primary.
  • Paris

    I went to Paris with my cousins Lucia and Raul, my aunt Bibi and my uncle Jose Luis. We stay in Paris for a week and I went to Eiffel tower and Disneyland.
  • Carol and Noelia

    In 2010 my cousin Carol and my cousin Noelia had two girls, Their names are Anna and Iris.
  • My birthday...15 years old.

    This year is the best birthday that I have had. My friends gave me a surprise party.
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