10 Events Regarding Colonialism by The British Empire

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  • The British Empire Colonizes Aden

    The colonization of Aden marked the start of Britain's powerthirst in which they inquired to lay siege and colonize varied African countries during the Victorian Era
  • Establishment of Colonies in South Africa

    The British Empire expands itself to South African provinces and ultimately establishes the Natal Colony whereby it was later united with three other neighbored colonies.
  • Colonization of Egypt

    The British Empire succeed in defeating the Egyptian army and occupied Egypt until 1952.
  • The Berlin Conference

    European countries with interests to take control over Africa divides parts of Africa to The British Empire. The British were awarded most of East Africa.
  • Colonization of Nyasaland

    Nyasaland was the second province in Africa to be colonized during Britain's expansion after the Berlin Conference.
  • Colonization of Rhodesia

    The Colonzation of Rhodesia was the mark in which The British Empire decided to colonize numerous East African Countries.
  • Naval Support and Sustainable Colonies in Western Africa

    During the Late 1894, Britain had only required to sustain colonies in Western Africa in order to support Britain's Naval system to assure control in the African continent.
  • The British Empire takes full control over East Africa

    The British Claim control over East Africa and establishes a number of colonies.
  • Colonization of Somaliland

    The British Empire lay siege on Somaliland and acquires control over the area.
  • Colonization of Sudan

    The British Empire lay siege on Sudan and acquire full control over the area.