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10 CANADIAN EXPLORERS ( images from Google .ca)

  • Jan 1, 1020

    Leif Eriksson

    Leif Eriksson
    Leif Eriksson was a canadian viking explorer who was the first european to sail to (now is) North America. He also discovered Labrodour after the discovery of the shore of North America. information from: Enchanted Learning com
  • Jan 1, 1499

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
    John Cabot was an Italian- born English explorer and navigator.
    Cabot landed near Labrodor, Newfoundland and Cape Breton Island. On June 24 1497. information from: Enchanted Learning
  • Jan 1, 1528

    George Vancouver

    George Vancouver
    Vancouver was a Italian born navigator who explored the coast of North America from Cape Fear , North Carolina and to Maine while searching for the North West passage he sailed north over Vancouver wich is now named after him.
    information from : Enchanted Learning .com
  • Jan 1, 1557

    Jaques Cartier

    Jaques Cartier
    Cartier was a french explorer who was looking for a route to the Pacific and North America. Jaques named Canada he decided this because of the Iriquois he saw. ( Kanada)
    information from : Enchanted learning.com
  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Hudson was a explorer and navigator who sailed to North America four times , he was hired too find the North West passage. he sailed over the Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and the Hudson River are all named after him. information from: Enchanted Learning .com
  • Samuel De Champlain

    Samuel De Champlain
    Chaplain was a french canadian explorer and navigator who mapped the North East and North America. Samuel setteled in Quebec and he searched for the North West passages to Gaspe Penuila.
    information from : google .ca
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    Cook was a british explorer and astronmer who went on many expeditons to the : Pacific Ocean, Antarctic, Arctic and around the world. He was famous for the cure of a olden disease known as scurvy
    information from : Enchanted Learning .com
  • Alexander Mackenzie

    Alexander Mackenzie
    Sir Alexander Mackenzie was a scottish born fur trader who charted the Mackenzie River in Canada and also travellled to the Pacific Ocean. he was the first europein to cross the North American contioenent of New Mexico.
    information from: Enchanted Learning.com
  • John Franklin

    John Franklin
    Franklin was a english explorer and proved that the North West passage does exsists. inforrmation from; Google.ca
  • Simon Fraser

    Simon Fraser
    Fraser was a fur trader and a explorer. He established fort Mc Leod in 1805 fort st James and fort Fraser in 1806 and fort George in 1807. information from: Google.ca