WW1 and the Formation of the USSR

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  • assassination of Frank Ferdinand

    assassination of Frank Ferdinand
    On the 28th of June, 1914, prince Ferdinand and his wife is killed by a Serbian assassin and setting off the spark that would engulf the world in the 4 year long great war.
  • First battle of the Marne

    First battle of the Marne
    From September 6th to the 10th the German army attempts to encircle a heavily the fortified French army. The monuver fails due to the transfer of German divisions and the reinforcement of the French army by British troops. This forces the German army back 45 miles and is one of the last battles before trench warfare.
  • The battle of Gallipoli

    The battle of Gallipoli
    An 11 month long offensive that was preformed to knock the ottoman empire out of the war and severely weaken the central powers. While the soldiers fought valiantly the campaign failed dew to most of the ships used being out dated and most of the naval fleet being destroyed early on by coastal guns and sea mines.
  • Czar Nicholas ii leads the Russian army.

    Czar Nicholas ii leads the Russian army.
    Czar Nicholas ii was not a terrible man but he made the mistake of trying to lead a army when he had no experience and he lost even more support due to the fact that while he left his wife in charge it was obvious that Rasputin had the power by manipulating her.
  • February revolution

    February revolution
    While not commonly talked about this is an important revolution. This is the revolution that tried to take down the czar and create a republic but it failed at making a new government and failed to hold the people's support by continuing the war and making the food shortages worse leading to the much better know Bolshevik revolution.
  • USA joins the war

    USA joins the war
    Due to Germany's declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare sinking dozens of US ships and the reveal of the Zimmerman telegram the US congress votes to declare war on Germany.
  • Bolshevik revolution

    Bolshevik revolution
    This is the revolution people think about when they hear Russian revolution. This revolution installed the communist government and was the system the red army fought for during the three year Russian civil war that the red army won.
  • Czar Nicholas ii is Killed

    Czar Nicholas ii is Killed
    After the Bolshevik Revolution Czar Nicholas ii and his family were captured and hidden away from the public I by the red army to prevent the white army from having a rallying point. Eventually when the czar held no more leverage he, his close family, and his doctor were executed via firing squad.
  • WW1 Armastice

    WW1 Armastice
    Due to the heavy casualties and cost both the allies and the central powers were tired of the war. during the armistice a peace treaty was made and signed. The reason Germany agreed to these terms was due to the fact that the central powers had taken a bigger beating than the allies and were more desperate to end the war.