Timeline of Russia

  • Jan 1, 1017

    Russkaya Pravda

     Russkaya Pravda
    Yaroslav created the first Russian code of law, the Russkaya Pravda.
  • Jan 1, 1043

    Rus and Byzantine War:

     Rus and Byzantine War:
    Rus and Byzantine War Yaroslav established and failed on a naval raid to Constantinople.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1054 to Dec 27, 1076

    Trouble with leadership

    1054 Yaroslav passed away and his oldest son, Iziaslav I took rule.
    1068 Iziaslav was stripped from rule and forced to flee to Poland.
    1069 Iziaslav guided the Polish militia into Kiev and retook the control.
    1073 Two of Iziaslav's brothers, Sviatoslav II and Vsevolod I, took him from rule once again.
    1076 27 December Sviatoslav died. Vsevolod I took rule after but traded rule of Kiev to Iziaslav in exchange for Chernigov.
  • May 26, 1093

    Battle of the Stugna River:

     Battle of the Stugna River:
    Rus' army ambushed the Cumans at the Stugna River and failed their attack
  • Period: Apr 16, 1113 to Jan 1, 1136

    More Leaders

    1113 16 April Sviatopolk died. He was replaced by Vsevolod's son, whose dad was his cousin, Vladimir II Monomakh.
    1125 19 May Vladimir died. His oldest son, Mstislav I, took throne
    1132 14 April Mstislav passed away and his brother Yaropolk II took his place as prince of Keiv
    1136 Nvgorod expelled the prince appointed for them by Kiev and vastly circumscribed the authority of the office.
  • Jan 1, 1223

    Battle of the Kalka River

    Battle of the Kalka River
    The militia of Rus' ran into the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan.
  • Dec 1, 1237

    Mongol invasion of Rus

    Mongol invasion of Rus
    Batu Khan set a blaze to Moscow and killed and took prisoners of labor to the inhabitants
  • Jul 15, 1240

    Battle at the Zhora and Neva Rivers

    Battle at the Zhora and Neva Rivers
    The Novgorodia miltia defeated the swedish army at the Zhora and Neva Rivers.
  • Sep 8, 1380

    Battle of Kulikovo

    Battle of Kulikovo
    A Muscovite force defeated Blue Horde army, that way outnumbered them, at Kulikovo Field.
  • Jan 1, 1382

    The Crisis of Moscow

    The Crisis of Moscow
    The Mongol khan Tokhtamysh showed his power by raiding and setting fire to Moscow.
  • Mar 16, 1434

    Yury Dmitrievich"s army vs. the army of Vasily II.

    Yury Dmitrievich"s army vs. the army of Vasily II.
    Yury Dmitrievich's army defeated the army of Vasily II and then fled to Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Jan 1, 1438

    Russo and Kazan Wars

    	Russo and Kazan Wars
    The khan of the newly founded Khanate of Kazan led a militia on the directon of Moscow.
  • Jul 7, 1445

    Battle of Suzdal

    Battle of Suzdal
    The Russian army lost to the Tatars of Kazan. Vasili II was captured and Dmitry Shemyaka took control.
  • Jul 14, 1471

    Battle of Shelon

    	Battle of Shelon
    A Muscovite army defeated a much larger Novgorodian army.
  • Jan 1, 1507

    Russo and Crimean Wars

    	Russo and Crimean Wars
    The Crimean Khanate trashed the Muscovite villages of Belyov and Kozelsk.
  • Period: Aug 22, 1552 to Oct 13, 1552

    TImespan of the Siege of Kazan

    8/22/52 Siege of Kazan: Muscovite milita landed in Kazan
    10/2/52 Siege of Kazan: The Muscovite got into the walls of Kazan
    10/13/52 Siege of Kazan: The people of Kazan were killed and and the land was reinhabited
  • Battle of Klushino

    Battle of Klushino
    7000 Polish men defeated a much larger Muscovite army at Klushino.
  • The Treaty of Oliva

    The Treaty of Oliva
    : The Treaty of Oliva ended the tension of Poland and Sweden.
  • Great Northern War

    Great Northern War
    Muscovy pronounced war on Sweden
  • Great Northern War ended

    Great Northern War ended
    The Treaty of Nystad settled the war and also led to Sweden getting Estonia, Livonia, and Ingria from Russia.
  • Period: to

    Russo-Persian war

    7/1/22 A Russian army came in support of the independence of two Christian kingdoms which were Kartli and Armenia.
    9/12/23 The Persian shah signed a peace treaty which gave them the towns of Derbent and Baku and the states of Shirvan, Guilan, Mazandaran and Astrabad to the Russian empire
  • Period: to

    Russo-Swedish War

    Sweden pronounced war on Russia. 9/1/1742 Russo-trapped by the Russians at Helsinki, the Swedish militia surrendered.
    8/7/1743 The Treaty of Åbo was signed, ending the war. Russia only got the lands east of the Kymi River. In conclusion to the war Adolf Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp, the uncle of the Russian heir to the throne, was to become King of Sweden.
  • Persian Expedition of 1796

    Persian Expedition of 1796
    Queen Catherine sailed army to punish Persia for its violation into the Russian protectorate of Kartl-Kakheti.
  • Period: to

    Russo-Turkish War, French invasion of Russia, Russo-Persian War

    5/28/1806-1812Russo-Turkish War The Treaty of Bucharest ended the war and gave Bessarabia to Russia6/24/1812French invasion of Russia The French army crossed the Neman River which led to Russia 9/14/1812 French invasion of RussiaThe French milita entered a deserted Moscow, the peak of their invasion 12/14/1813 French into Russia The last of the French were forced away from Russian territory 10/24/1804–1813 Russo-Persian War Persia gave itsTranscaucasian Terrritories to Russia-treaty of Gulistan
  • Period: to

    Finnish War:

    2/21/1808 Russian troops crossed the Swedish border and ceased Hämeenlinna.
    3/29/1809 Diet of Porvoo: The four Estates of Finland pledged allegiance to the Russian crown.
    9/17/1809 The Treaty of Fredrikshamn was signed, ending the war and giving Finland to the Russians
  • Russian legislative election

    Russian legislative election
    The first free elections to the Duma gave popular vote to liberal and socialist parties.
  • Angolan Civil War

    	Angolan Civil War
    Portugal accepted a declaration of independence from the MPLA, who accordingly had control of the Angolan capital of Luanda.
  • Period: to

    Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis

    10/23/2002 Chechen rebels captured the House of Culture theater in Moscow, with about700 persons hostage, and demanded an immediate Russian withdrawal from Chechnya.
    !0/26/2002 The police poured anesthetic into the building, then raided it from every entrance,taking out all 42 terrorists. 120 hostages died due to the harmful effects of intoxication, hunger and maltreatment by the terrorists.
  • Period: to

    Beslan school hostage crisis

    9/1/2004 A group of Chechen terrorists took 1300 adults and children hostage at the school asiagned number 1 in Beslan.
    9/3/2004 At 1 p.m. after the sound of explosions, Russian police and soldiers stormed the school. The long battle left 344 civilians, 31 out of 32 hostages, and 10 police dead.
  • Nalchik attack

    Nalchik attack
    A large group of terrorists raided buildings throughout the city of Nalchik. By afternoon Russian soldiers barracaidedthe entire city while entering it, forcing their enemies to retreat. Approximately 136 people were killed.
  • South Ossetia War

    South Ossetia War
    Russia defeated Georgia
  • New Start Treaty

    New Start Treaty
    The New START treaty, which would cut the nuclear weapons of Russia and the United States by one third of what they had, was signed.
  • Russian Presidential Election

    Russian Presidential Election
    Vladimir Putin won with 63.6 percent of the vote.
  • Rus' and Byzantine War

     Rus' and Byzantine War
    The Rus' went to war on constantinople and were succesful.
  • Rurikid Dynasty

    Rurikid Dynasty
    Rurik ruled in Novgorod which created the Rurikid Dynasty.
  • Rus' and Byzantine War

    Rus' and Byzantine War
    A Rus' army marched charged to Bithynia. The Byzantines destroyed the Rus' fleet.
    ARus'-Byzantine treaty was signed . Rus' estsblished some Byzantine territories.