Flag union of soviet socialist republics

Timeline of Russia through revolution, civil war, and Lenin

  • Russian Revolution of 1905 & October Manifesto

    Russian Revolution of 1905 & October Manifesto
    The first revolt to occur in Russia. Due to the damaged ego of Russia through a bitter loss in the Russo-Japanese war and the crumbling society. The October Manifesto was written to give the Tsar civil liberties 10/17/1905
    Picture: This picture was taken during the revolution and shows the fierce passion Russia had to help its country/fix it.
  • Beginning of WWI

    Beginning of WWI
    Russia joined WWI to defend Serbia which had war declared upon them by Austria-Hungary. This event followed only months after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This alliance didn't last as Russia sided with France and Britain after losing interest in keeping a stake in the Balkan regions. The war ended 3/3/1918 after Russia left the battle.
    picture: A piece of political art depicting Russia as being vicious in WWI and encouraging soldiers to join.
  • Tsar Nicholas II takes sole control of Military operations

    Tsar Nicholas II takes sole control of Military operations
    Nicholas II took full control of military operations of Russia and fought alongside his men on the battlefield. This was an attempt to make the Tsar look more appealing to the people in a social and political way. However this had an adverse affect due to his inexperience the army experienced many losses which directly referenced him as a ruler.
    picture: Depicts Nicholas II leading on the front lines in front of his soldiers.
  • Brusilov Offensive

    Brusilov Offensive
    "June advance" Best Russian arms seen in WWI and the most lethal arms that the world has seen. Lasted until September 20, 1916.
    picture: shows the map of the path taken during the Brusilov offensive
  • Assassination Of Rasputin

    Assassination Of Rasputin
    Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, a slef proclaimed holy man, was assassinated by Russian nobles Yussupov and Pavlovich. They were attempting to end Rasputin's influence on the Russian royal family. It took several attempts to kill him such as luring him into a basement and feeding him poisoned wine, drowning him, and then finally left to die after being shot 3 times by Yussupov.
    picture: Rasputin in his formal wear
  • Trotsky Organizes Red Guard to Defend Petrograd

    Trotsky Organizes Red Guard to Defend Petrograd
    Trotsky brought together soldiers and made them into the Red Guard to defend the Bolsheviks throughout the Russian civil war. This occurred between March and July of 1917.
    picture: An ad put out by the Bolshevik party to encourage men to join the Red Guard
  • July Days

    July Days
    Many strikes and demonstrations caused a lasting period of unrest in Russia. Bolsheviks were mainly targeted and jailed or killed. About 700 people were killed during this time. (July 16-10 1917).
    picture: Shows the chaos in the streets of Russia during this time period. People getting attacked in the streets, arrested, and dying.
  • International Women's Day in Petrograd

    International Women's Day in Petrograd
    Female workers, and servants (later men as well) held a massive strike/demonstration in Petrograd. All demanding "bread and peace". They asked for bread and increased rations of Russian soldiers and their families. This acted as the catalyst for the Russian Revolution.
    picture: A group of Russian workers taking to the streets of Petrograd to demand bread and peace for all.
  • Nicholas II abdicates

    Nicholas II abdicates
    In the event of the increasing need for social reforms and strikes, Nicholas II abandons his throne. His family was forced to flee on train but it was stopped in Pskov. He then was forced to officially abdicate.
    picture: a picture of a journal talking about Nicholas II leaving his throne and how the revolution may progress
  • Creation of the Provisional Government

    Creation of the Provisional Government
    In the new absence of the Tsar, the provisional government was created. The Tsar's brother, Michael denied the power so this government was created and lasted for ~8 months until the Bolshevik revolution.
    picture: This is a picture of the newfound provisional government meeting to discuss the next moves in the prevention of destruction of Russian society
  • April Theses

    April Theses
    A series of 10 commands before Lenin's return to Petrograd (written by Lenin). This introduced the concept of "bread, peace, land" to the Russian people.
    picture: the cover of the book April these by Lenin
  • Return of Lenin from Exile

    Return of Lenin from Exile
    After assisting in the creation of a Marxist party Lenin was sentenced to a 3 year exile in Siberia. A decade passed and Lenin came back to Russia to play a leading role in the October Revolution
    picture: Lenin returning to Russia on train and waving to all those who came to see his arrival.
  • First-all-Russian Congress of Soviets meets

    First-all-Russian Congress of Soviets meets
    Largest organized group support of the provisional government. Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, social revolutionaries and others involved.
    picture: shows a colored version of the recorded picture of the mentioned group meeting
  • Korniolv Affair

    Korniolv Affair
    An attempted coup done by General Lavr Kornilov against the Provisional Government. This lasted until September 14, 1917.
    picture: soldiers all in order and obeying Korniolv and carrying through with the revolt
  • Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government & take control

    Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government & take control
    Under the leadership of Lenin, and after months of revolts in Russia, the provisional government crumbled. The Bolshevik party overtook the country.
    picture: depicts Lenin standing before the people of Russia after the downfall of the provisional government
  • Cheka formed

    Cheka formed
    The Cheka was formed in the wake of the October 1917 revolution by the Russian government, as a small agency to investigate and deal with threats to the new regime. However over time it gained power to find, question, arrest, and destroy the families of suspected traitors.
    picture: a symbolic badge of the Cheka in Russia
  • Wartime communism created

    Wartime communism created
    Was introduced by Lenin to combat the economic problems brought on by the civil war in Russia. Including the nationalization of banks and industries. Soldiers receives high food rations in order to boost fighting morale.
    picture: a political cartoon depicting the issues of famine in Russia caused by war communism despite it striving to achieve the opposite.
  • Kolchak attacks Reds from Siberia

    Kolchak attacks Reds from Siberia
    Kolchak was a military leader. He created a government that functioned as the political base for countering the Reds’ power in Siberia.
    picture: a portrait of Kolchak
  • Constituent Party meets and is disbanded

    Constituent Party meets and is disbanded
    Bolshevik party disbands the meeting due to the majority of the seats being given to the Socialist Revolutionary party. The troops were sent in January 19,1918 to disband the meeting. This kept power in the government.
    picture: Shows the troops invading the meeting per Lenin's request and disbanding the meeting.
  • Treaty of Brest-Livosk

    Treaty of Brest-Livosk
    A peace treaty between the new Bolshevik government of Soviet Russia and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire), that ended Russia's participation in World War I.
    picture: Shows the regions of where this treaty applies on a map
  • Red Terror

    Red Terror
    Bolsheviks chain of political repression/executions carried out by the Cheka that started towards the beginning of the Russian Civil War.
    picture: Shows the brutality of the Red Terror and how dangerous it was.
  • Tambov Rebellion

    Tambov Rebellion
    A rebellion taking place in the countryside of Tambov province. This was caused from anger amongst the peasant groups of Russia, pushing Lenin further towards new economic policies due to the significance of the peasant groups and their contribution to the food of Russia. (1920-1921)
    picture: a map of where the rebellion occurred
  • Poles move towards Kiev

    Poles move towards Kiev
    Conflict between Russia and Poland, which Russia won in July 1920. Ukraine became involved slightly with support distributed evenly on both sides.
    picture: Shows groups of troops moving towards Kiev with some form of war machine (possibly a tank)
  • Soviets attempt to take Warsaw

    Soviets attempt to take Warsaw
    A set border between Russia and Poland as a result of a devastating defeat of Bolshevik Russia against Poland. (12-25 August 1920)
    picture: a set of Russian soldiers in Poland flying the Soviet flag
  • Kronstadt Uprising

    Kronstadt Uprising
    The Kronstadt rebellion was an anti-Bolshevik uprising carried out by soldiers and sailors on the island fortress of Kronstadt. The rebellion was a protest against Bolshevik economic policies, food shortages, political oppression and violence. It was eventually crushed by the Red Army. (Mar. 7-17 1921)
    picture: a group of armed sailors about to go against the Red Army
  • End of Wartime communism

    End of Wartime communism
    Lenin was forced to end war communism due to the various famines and issues it had created, mainly civil unrest in peasant areas. Private businesses/trades allowed, grain requisitioning stopped, new money introduced.
    picture: protests against war communism before it was ended
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    Treaty of Rapallo
    In April 1922 German and Russian delegations met at Rapallo and signed the Treaty of Rapallo on 16th April. It re-established diplomatic relations, cancelled the territorial & financial claims of either side and promised greater economic cooperation.
    picture: depicts the signing and discussion of the treaty of Rapallo
  • Ukraine brought under control of Soviets

    Ukraine brought under control of Soviets
    Ukraine gradually gave power of foreign relations/trade to Bolshevik Russia and once USSR formed Ukraine was brought fully under control.
    picture: a picture taken during a famine caused by Lenin and the USSR in Ukraine
  • Formation of Soviet Union

    Formation of Soviet Union
    People in Russia who were poor farmers who worked on the land owned by the nobility. In 1917, people in Russia, led by the Communist Party, rose up and demanded that the last tsar step down which led to the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics. Is was A Communist nation, consisting of Russia and 14 other states, that existed from 1922 to 1991
    picture: soviet flag
  • Lenin dies

    Lenin dies
    Lenin acted as the overall leader of the Bolshevik party until is death. He died of a brain hemorrhage at 54. Against Lenin's wishes, Stalin became his successor, even after Lenin assured him he would not receive the power.
    power: portrait of Lenin