World history

World History

  • 1001

    Russia/ Serfdom System

    Russia/ Serfdom  System
    People freedom is restricted by the government. Serf is treated as a slaves. Member of government from by a group of Military member. Russia Government sever will no humor and be violence to treat the slave. Europe are disagreed with their law and hate Russian so much.
  • 1066

    England , Feudalism

    The system is manage by one person. part of the land is owned by the man and part of the land is own by the church, To be getting protection form the upper class, the lower class has to exchange their land.This system could bring both benefits for the Lord and the vassal, and also the church. It could be one of the most successful system during that time period.
  • 1185


    In top of the pyramid, the military hold the power. There are two groups of people. One is Jito and other is Shugo. They have the right to distributed the land and the food. Compared to England, military holds more power than the king and it cause demage for the King.
  • 1300

    Age of Exploration

    When Europe lack of spice. Their supplier Arab and Venetian could not provide sustainable spice.European start to explore the market of Asia. The water sailer is a challenge for the European.The sailer require the knowledge of negation and and be able to identify the path and control the ship. Although it takes a long process , it improved the western ship making technology.
  • Period: 1368 to

    Ming dynasty

    Ming dynasty sustainable East Asia for 300 years. During that period, many European come to enrich on the the Asian trade network. Ming dynasty improved the technology and culture compare to before. Ming dynasty affect the sustainability to the East Asia .
  • 1440

    printing press

    printing press
    The first completed printing press is invented by Gutenberg. This invention has bring a Hugh influence on policy, religion, even scientific research. The invention attribute the the quality of human life.
  • 1448

    Thailand/ Sakdina System

    The king will base on the age and the sexual identity to distribute the land. If people want to take the land, they need have huge contribute to the King. This system is called Monarchy . Many country follow the system which also lead the revolution after a century.
  • Period: 1450 to

    Latin America

    After Columbus discover the Latin America, it soon become a conflict zone that every country want to get advantage from it. Including Spain and Aztec. A war between Spain and Aztec begin in Mexico. This cause the tension and no return for the Spain and it's allies.
  • Period: 1450 to

    Age of scientific

    At the beginning of 1450, the first scientist start to judge the church's theory. His name is Copernicus, he use observation and calculations proved that Earth is not the center. After his dead, many people like astronomy or philosophies inspired by the Scientific method and start to challenge the law and the monarchy system.
  • 1492

    Columbus cross the Atlantics

    Over a decade, Columbus tried to persuade the King to support his voyage, but they reject. Until Queen Isabella agree his plan. Columbus plan to travel from Spain to India. During the trip, the will pass the Atlantics. This is one of the greatest voyage ever in history .
  • 1500

    exploring Africa

    David Livingston is the first European explorer to discover Africa. Soon, another person call Morgan Stanley is entrust to find Livingston. Morgan Stanley is the second European traveling to Africa. He and Livingston create the first map including Africa.
  • Period: 1500 to 1570

    New Spain

    New world has definitely benefit for the conquest of Spain.They use the livestock as a trade and conquer Aztec empire. Spain start to form a whole system for controlling the colony. Spain change the society and shape the colonialism system.
  • Turkish to Algeria

    In 1517, Turkish troops has successfully defeated the Egyptian army. IN 1551, Tripoli fall to the Turks.In 1574 ,Turkish use military force took Tunis and also conquer the Algeria region.This also affect the expansion of Ottoman Empire.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Scott and Irish invaded England. Shares I is out of money, he forced to reform the Parliament. The long parliament fixed all the illegal taxes and jail. Also, abolish the some of the exception. As a result. the king form a royalist to protect himself, soon two power heat up, they begin to fight to each other. After all, the Roundheads takes the victory.
  • new Netherland / patroon system

    new Netherland / patroon system
    The company system has hold the law for the country. People is given the land by depending on the Dutch West India Company. However, the system was not successful. It also prove company system could not be running the operation for a country.
  • Period: to

    Qing dynasty(China)

    Emperor Kangxi, one of the most longest time being King in Chinese history. His enormous contribution including fixing the tax collection or the policy on restricted the land distribution In order to recover the whole piece of China, They send military force to conquer the small such as Taiwan. It been a major dynasty that affect China and Europe
  • Period: to

    Peter(The Great)

    Peter is one of the most controversy emperor in Russian History. He bring the modern west culture and technology into Russia. He leads the victory in The Great Northern War. However, he is brutal, he is violent and force his citizen to obey his unacceptable policy. It's still a question for us that if he is a hero or tyrant base on the Russian.
  • Haitian revolution document

    The statement is about King Louis XIV applying a serious of restriction to regulate the slavery in Haiti. In the statement, slavery are not allow to marry. If the father's died, the son has to work for the father as a slavery. The statement becomes one of the cause for the Haiti revolution.
  • John Locke Document

    John Locke Document
    In the 1690 year, John Locke write about his opinion on the law of government. He think every people are equality. Government should form by people and should be vote by people. He promote people on top of the government. The document has inspired a lot of philosopher and encourage abandon the Monarchy system.
  • Period: to


    During the 17th to 18th century, there are some people who question the traditional way of living and discover the new ways to understand and improve human society. People call them philosophies. Their publish has shaped our Morden world and change the government and economic system in the entire Europe
  • Industrial revolution

    The industrial revolution start by Britain, they discover steam machines. They used the technology to create a market for them to sell the raw material and expand their factory .It also help Europe colonized undeveloped country.
  • American revolution

    The American revolution is begin almost the same time as the French Revolution. The cause for the revolution is because of the taxation act, the Boston Massacre. America seek to be independent from the Erupean power. George Washington won the war and release the freedom and liberty for South America. America becomes the first country that independent from the European power.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston party was a protest that occur on Boston. The American colonists was frustrated and angry about the British for imposing taxation with our representation. As a result, the American lock down the tea imported by the British East India Company into the harbor. The key event increase the conflict between the British and the colonists country.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    The French Revolution is was a period of radical political and societal change in France that began with the Estates General of 1789 and ended with the formation of the French Consulate in 1799.This revolution not just change the government system, but also redefine the political power in Europe.
  • Haitian Revolution

    A country call Saint Domingue is dominated by France for a serval year. The French Revolution inspire the slave and black majority in Saint Domingue to rebel against the government. They start a revolution at 1791 and end up in 1804. It becomes the first independent country that led by the black people.
  • Period: to

    Napoleon implementation

    After the French Revolution , Napoleon call himself as an emperor. He is the one who accept human's freedom. During 1799 to 1815 period, Napoleon has conquer a lot of country in Europe. His influence in Europe and France cannot be replace by any of the leader. He brings the golden dynasty for France and is also the leader spirit of France.
  • religion imperialism

    In the 18th century, Catholic and Christian believe religious could bring peace for the world. They delivered their message to Asia and Africa. This also call the western civilization . Over the decade , the western religion successfully overawe part of the local religion and spread out their message.
  • Period: to

    Age of imperialism

    During the 18th century, the imperialism has resulted in three way. First, nationalism rise up the revenge from different country, they start to build their own army. Second, industrial revolution created new technology. Third, religious and sexual racism increase inspired European to import their culture on others land.
  • Period: to

    Abd el Kader

    He is the few Algerians who received high education and rule a number of tribes. His goal is to turn the local government into the new governmental hierarchy. He raise his own army and rule with the foreign ruler.
  • Greek revolution

    The revolution begins at 1821 and end at 1831. During the age, Greek is conquer by the Ottoman Empire. However, as the Ottoman Empire influence and military power decline. Greek saw the opportunity to be independent. In addition, the American revolution and the French Revolution motivate the conciousncess of rrebelliance. Greek revolution becomes one of the successful revolution.
  • France to Algeria

    During that period, Algeria is still taking by Ottoman Empire. However, France decide to intervene. One of the reason is because of Charles X was less popular in his country and is urgent for him to launch a campaign to save his monarchy.
  • Period: to

    King Leopold

    He is one of the brutalize emperor in history. Under his ruling, many Congo people have suffer from disease and torture. He force the Congo people to collect the rubber, if the amount is not required, they will get punishment. He is also one of the most indictable person of dictatorship.
  • Thomas Bugeaud

    Bugeaud is the second commander after the failure for the ruling of Abd leader. He well known as absolute domination. His target is not the hostile army but the people. Soon, his brutal and violation has sustain the colonization to Algerian.
  • Period: to

    British authorities India

    since British start to colonize India. They execute through a violent and boldly way to decline the population in India. Many Indias has suffer from starvation and over working lead them dead. The non-human treatment lead the rebellion started by a man call Mahatma Gandhi. 1947 , India become independent.
  • Period: to

    European colonization of Africa

    The Scramble for Africa, also called the Partition of Africa, or Conquest of Africa, was the invasion, annexation, division, and colonization of most of Africa by seven Western European powers during a short period known as New Imperialism.
  • Period: to

    Fulgencio Batista

    He is a dictator while Cuba under his control, people are suffer from food and income. His power come from the United Stated. He killed 20000 cuban ,abuse lady and child. He defeated the democracy. As a result, Cuban live below the poverty line . Soon, Fulgencio Batista has forced to retire.
  • Period: to

    Italy Fascism( Benito Mussolini)

    Mussolini’s movement was initially unsuccessful, but Fascists soon began to agitate in the streets and against the left.He promote the black shirt parade and gain his reputation through the rebellion. He threat the King and called himself as an emperor.he soon created his own government. His movement into a proper political party, the National Fascist Party . Many job seekers has benefit by the policy and get selected by the Germany, Spain and Japan.
  • Period: to

    Spanish Fascism (Franco)

    After Hitler takes control of Germany, he invited Franco to join his policy. Franco emerged victorious and established a one-party military dictatorship, naming himself the leader under the name El Caudillo.Franco’s regime committed a series of violent human rights abuses against the Spanish people, causing an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 deaths .As the result, the fascism could no longer exist in Spain and is one of the failure example in Fascism.
  • Cuba revolution of 1933

    Under the control of Partido Authentic, he presided over corruption and irresponsibility in government. Labor , worker, sergeant disagree his policy and start a rebellion. During this revolution , Fulgencio Batista gain his power and get the support from US., which help him to become the president.
  • Period: to

    Germany Fascism ( Hitler)

    Fascism is a far-right political philosophy, or theory of government, that emerged in the early twentieth century. In Germany, Hitler and the Nazi Party began the implant the fascism into the government system and persuade people to sacrificed for the dynasty of Germany. The fascism policy has defined Germany would become a powerful country in the World War 2.
  • Period: to

    Japan Fascism(Hirohito)

    The fascism policy in Japan called Shōwa Statism. A group of writers and philosophers show agreed on the aggressive policy. They feel satisfied for the first victory in China. They believed war could bring peace and also show the power of Asia. This become an extreme policy and impact the World War 2.
  • Vietnam Independence Day

    After Japan get defeated, Vietnam president Ho Chi proclaim paraphrased the U.S. Declaration of Independence in declaring. He get the USA support more and Vietnam immediately become self-independence.
  • India Independence Day

    India colonized by British for being a decade. Until Gandhi, an India that promote non-violent protest , hunger strike to pressure the British government, he got into jail for many times, but his persistence motivate the people to support him.
  • Indonesia Indépendance year

    Under the ruling by Dutch, Indonesia won its freedom in 1949. Muslim as the largest religious, many new nations was diverted in one way. The first president Achmed Sukarno unit the country and complete the infrastructure.
  • Cambodia

    Vietnam war affect many South Asia area, including Cambodia. In 1953, Cambodia won its independence from France, they becomes a constitutional monarchy country. This also encourage many South Asia country become independence.