Westward Expansion

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    Manifest Destiny

    The big and small points of the manifest destiny
  • Louisiana Purchase

    The colonies only had a small amount of land in 1800. The French,however, had Louisiana, which was relatively much larger. Since the French needed funding, President Jefferson struck a deal and bought Louisiana from them.
  • Florida Cession

    After constand debating and threats of war, Luis de Onis and Secretary John Quincy Adams created the Adam-Onis Treaty. Giving Florida to America
  • The American Anti-Slavery Socirty

    Founded by William Lloyd Garrison. People who believed that slaver is wrong joined in this association so their voices would be heard.
  • The Alamo

    After being attacked and losing many men. the Texans were tooken over by the Mexican troops. It is remembered as a struggle for independence.
  • Trail of Tears

    The Trail of Tears was the process of moving Native Americans from their homes.They had to walk on foot, thousands died do to natural elements and not having preperation.
  • Texas Annexation

    After the fights in teaxas, America added Texas to its country. Remember the Alamo.
  • Oregon Aquisition

    America and Britian had many disputes over who should have the Oregon County. Eventually they signed the Oregon Treaty that states how much land each country would get,
  • Mexican Cession

    After many battles, Mexico and America signed the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. The treaty states that Texas is a U.S. state, also a big piece a land was now ours for $15 million.
  • The Gold RUsh

    The Gold Rush in California was a money pot, over $2 billion of gold were found in 1849.
  • Gdseden Purchase

    The U.S Minister James Gadsden , and General Antonio López de Santa Anna, president of Mexico, signed the Gadsden Purchase. The treaty settles the dispuitof of the about 29,600 square miles, for $10 million.