War of 1812 to 1837 Rebellion

By Vbunny
  • Start of War of 1812

  • Period: to

    War of 1812 to Rebellion of 1837

  • Battle of New Orleans Starts

    Battle of New Orleans Starts
    Large British fleet anchored in the gulf of Mexico readies for attack.
  • Americans defend

    An American flotilla prevents the British attacker's entry to the lakes. However, they are severely outnumbered.
  • The Brtish set up camp

    The Brits camp just outside New Orleans and are attacked in the night by American troops.
  • Rencon

    General Edward Pakenham orders recon on American fortifications.
  • Artillery Exchange

    The 2 side exchanged artillery fire for 3 hours. The Brits run ourt of ammunition so they cancel the attack. Unbeknowest of them, the Americans on the left shoulder of the defnsive line had broken formation and run for it.
  • ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    The British force make their final attack. And fail miserably. The Americans win and the British go away, ashamed.
  • End of 1837 Rebellion