War of 1812 Timeline

  • Jefferson is reelected

    Jefferson was elected for a second term.
  • Embargo Act of 1804

    The Embargo Act stopped trading and taxes rose. Jefferson then made the Non-Intercourse Act that stopped trading with only France and Britian.
  • Battle of Trippeconoe

    The battle of Trippeconoe was where the Native Americans fought for their land.
  • Madison Became President in 1808

    Madison was elected for president.
  • War of 1812 begins

    The War of 1812 was not very big war. Not many people even know about it. The president at the timewanted to go to war with Britian because Britian was telling the Native Americans to attack the settlers and the forts.
  • Battle at Lake Erie

    The American Navy prevailed over the British at the Battle of Lake Erie.
  • Battle of Thames

    The Americans were trying to seize Lake Erie from the British and that's how the battle started.
  • Battle of Lake Champlain

    Some American sailing vessels loaded with guns and other weapons accidently went too far into the river channel and were cauptured. The American navy fleep had short-range guns and were more effective in that battle that the Americans won.
  • British burn Washington, D.C.

    The British burned Washington, D.C. to capture the Capitol and get the country back for themselves to rule over.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    This treaty was signed as a peace treaty to end the war of 1812 and to restore war and bounderies between the Americans ans the British.