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War of 1812 important events/people

  • Tecumseh

    (month of birth, did not know day, ignore 1) Was a native amircan leader of the Shawnee. Was best known for his rebillion. He took some of his men with him to confront Harrison on matters of a treaty. Fought many battles. Was killed during the battle of Thames.
  • Sir Isaac Brock

    Sir Isaac Brock
    (date provided is date of birth) He was the eighth son of a middle class family, Isaac Brock was born in St. Peter Port, Guernsey on October 6, 1769. At the age of 15, he pursued his military career. He had great military accomplishments for the British. He was on the offencive of upper Canada.
  • Laura Secord

    Laura Secord
    (date of birth given) Laura Secord was a very admired woman of the War of 1812. She was known for walking 20 miles out of American territory in Canada in 1813 to warn the British of an American attack.
  • Lt. Colonel Charles de Salaberry

     Lt. Colonel Charles de Salaberry
    Served as an officer of the British army. Recognized by pushing back the American offence in Montreal. During the War of 1812, he faced off against Henry Dearborn. They fought at La Colle Mill. Some of his men took part in the Battle of Crysler's Farm. He cought American troops moving on Montreal and pushed them back. That was he's greatest achievment. Died in Chambly, Quebec on February 27, 1829.
  • Start of the War of 1812

    Start of the War of 1812
    The war started for many different reasons.

    1.) impressment of American soldiers (taking American sailors)
    2.) interfering with American trade (comundeering ships and taking cargo)
  • Hull's proclamation

    Hull's proclamation
    This was a warning to the Canadians. It warned against Canada joinging the British side. It was America's peacful invasion of Canada.
  • The Battle of Lake Erie

    The Battle of Lake Erie
    Nine ships of the United States Navy defeated and captured six ship of British Navy. This ensured American control of the lake for the rest of the war. This allowed the Americans to recover Detroit and win the Battle of the Thames to break the indian group under Tecumseh.
  • Battle of Plattsburgh

    Battle of Plattsburgh
    The American navy won a victory against a British fleet. The American victory then help to peacful negotiations at Ghent later on in the year.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    This is the treaty that ended the War of 1812. Not only did it end the war but it also returned everything back to normal. The Treaty was ratified by Parliament on december 30, 1814.