War of 1812

  • Second War

    Second War
    America declares war against the British. This war is known as "Mr. Madison's War" or "The Second American Revolution." This ended as america won.
  • Actual War of 1812

    Actual War of 1812
    American victory over British forces in America and in Canada. Fighting both British and Native American troops in Canada, the Americans managed to win what some people calledd the second war of independence....They agreed to peace by signing the Treaty of Ghent.. The American victory put an exclamation point on the overall war victory.
  • Battle of Frenchtown

    Battle of Frenchtown
    Battle of Frenchtown. British and Indian allies repel Kentucky troops in bloody fighting. The American survivors are killed in the Raisin River Massacre.
  • Battle of North Point

    Battle of North Point
    This is where we created the National Anthem.The war was faught in Baltimore. The Americans won!
  • Impressment

    British impress approximately 10,000 Americans forcing them to work on British ships. Enforcement of military or naval service wiht unwilling men was crude and violent. Until the early 19th century.
  • Hartford Convetion

    Hartford Convetion
    The Hartford Convention occurs. A group of Federalists discuss secession and propose seven amendments to protect the influence of Northeastern states.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    Took place in Louisiana. The British army came over to try and take us over. We won.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    Because of all the american victories the British wanted to create a Treaty. They had it state to end all the hostilities. Required the conqured territory and prisoners be returned. And Appointed a commission to study lingering boundary issues between the United States and Canada.