War of 1812

  • British kidnaps Americans! (1803 - 1812)

    British kidnaps Americans! (1803 - 1812)
    British forced Americans to work on their british ships!
  • Anti British!

    Anti British!
    Madison gets a report concerning the British's interferences and anti-british feelings start to rise in the Americans.
  • 1806 - British Blockade!

    1806 - British Blockade!
    British blockaded France and siezed a lot of American ships!
  • British Opened Fire!

    British Opened Fire!
    Our ship the Chesapeake is fired on by the British ship Leopard after refusing to be boarded!
  • The Deal, good or bad!?

    The Deal, good or bad!?
    Jefferson atempts to make a peaceful agreement with the British but it ends with disaster for merchants and traders.
  • War?

    Battle of Tippecanoe
  • Madison's War!

    America declare's war against Britain!
  • Victory!

    Battle of New Orleans! America wins the war!
    8 americans killed
    700 british soldiers killed!