War of 1812

  • Chesapeake-leopard fight

    It was in June of 1807 3 miles off Norfolk, Va when Chesapeake fired on by Leopard after refusing to be boarded. 3 Americans killed, 18 wounded
  • Embargo Act

    In Washington D.C. Jefferson's attempt at "peaceful coercion" resi;ted om economic disaster for merchants
  • Invasion attempts of Canada

    The U.S. attempted 3 times to incade Canada. All 3 invasions failed
  • Battle of Frenchtown

    Kentucky troops repelled by British and Indians in bloody fighting. American survivors killed in Raisin River Massacre
  • Battle of York

    U.S. troops took control of Great Lakes, burned York. This action later returned by the British burning of D.C.
  • Battle of Thames

    Tecumseh killed in U.S. victory. NW Indians weakened by battle
  • Battle of Plattsburgh

    U.S. secured northern border with victory over larger British force
  • Hartford Convention

    Group of Federalists discussed secession, propose 7 amendments to protect influence of Northeast states
  • Treaty of Ghent

    British and American diplomats agreed on status quo ante bellum
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Jackson's forces defeated British. 700 British killed, 1400 wounded. U.S. losses: 8killed, 13 wounded