Vladimir Lenin

  • Birth of a New Leader

    Birth of a New Leader
    Vladimir Lenin is born in Simbrisk, Russia which is now called Ulyanovsk.
  • Alexander's Execution

    Alexander's Execution
    Alezander Lenin, Lenin's borther, was arerested in St.Petersvurg in an attempt to assasinate Czar Alexander the III and executed by hanging,
  • The Start of a Career

    The Start of a Career
    Lenin moves to St. Petersburg where he begins socialist propaganda work.
  • Lenin's Aresst

    Lenin's Aresst
    Lenin is arrested and and imprisonedin St. Petersburg and begins to write the development of capitalism in Russia.
  • Exile

    Lenin is exiled to Siberia.
  • Exile is Complete

    Exile is Complete
    Lenin returns to European-Russia then lster moves to Switzerland; found Iskia, a revolution journal intended for circulation in Russia.
  • Lenin and Socialism

    Lenin and Socialism
    Lenin attends his first meeting of the congress of the social democratic party.
  • Lenin Meets Stalin

    Lenin Meets Stalin
    Lenin attends the conrgess of the united party in london and he meets Stalin.
  • Stroke

    Lenin suffers his first stroke that paralyzes him but does not stop him from work.
  • The End

    The End
    Lenin has his second stroke dissabling his speach and ending his career.
  • Death

    Lenin passes away at the age of 54.