Us imperialism

U.S. Imperialism

  • Congo Conference

    Congo Conference
    U.S. persuades European powers to agree to freedom of trade and abolition of slave trade in Central Africa
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Hawaiii gives U.S. exclusive rights to build s nsval base
  • Samoa

    Typhoon destroys U.S., British and German ships, preventing armed clash over control od Samao. Ten years later, the U.S. splits islands with Germany.
  • Bering Sea

    Bering Sea
    International tribunal denies U.S. claims to exclusive rights to waters of Bering Sea
  • Open Door Policy

    Open Door Policy
    U.S. aims to prevent foreign powers in China from shutting out the United States from Chinese markets.
  • Alaskan Boundary Crisis

    Alaskan Boundary Crisis
    After gold is discovered in Klondike, Canadians want to redraw boundary to Alaskan Panhandle. A tribunal settles in favor of U.S.
  • Big Stick diplomacy

    Big Stick diplomacy
    Roosevelt sends warships to morocco when local authorities detain greek citizen with disputed U.S. citizenship.
  • Algeciras Conference

    Algeciras Conference
    Roosevelt offers U.S. " good offices " to settle Franco- German differences over Morocoo