Uniting America

By amaya
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    Uniting ameria

  • The United States (16.2)

    The United States (16.2)
    When the American revolution was finished, the united states were formed. The 13 colonies along the Atlantic Coast were united to become one. Many other countries had control over states that are now known as Texas, California and many more.
  • The Louisiana Purchace (16.3)

    The Louisiana Purchace (16.3)
    The first part of the new land was The Louisiana Purchace . This was very important because this was the greatest land expansion, and the people used the Mississippi River to send goods and trade food. Everyone but the americans benifited from this great new territory, because they were sent west, and died of either being frozen or starvation.
  • Lewis and Clark Expidition (16.4)

    Lewis and Clark Expidition (16.4)
    The Lewis and Clark expidition began in 1804 and ended in 1806. Lewis and Clark were demanded to sail northwest to find uncharted areas and to discover new plants and spices. When they ran into an indian tribe, they met one lady who helped them communicate with the other tribes. When they returned to America, they were crowned as heroes and were showered in gold coins.
  • The Flordia Acquisition (16.5)

    The Flordia Acquisition (16.5)
    In the early 1800's, most of what we know as Florida today, was owned by Spain.The U.S were very angry that some of their slaves were running away to that part of land. In 1819, Spain surrendered to give America this chunk of land.
  • Texas Annexation (16.6)

    Texas Annexation (16.6)
    In the 1800's Spain owned the Western and Southwestern states and Mexico. When Mexico freed its self from Spain, Texas was still left under Spain's control. Mexico wanted this state to join, but only under the Catholic laws that Mexico followed. The groups of American and Mexican soilders were fighting during the battle of the Alamo. While the Mexicans were destoying it, they killed over 200 white American pioneers. When the Americans finally won, they joined U.S to become the 28th state.
  • The Acquition of Oregon Country (16.7)

    The Acquition of Oregon Country (16.7)
    In the states now known as Oregon and Washington, many different countries owned many different parts of them. The boundry between California nad Oregon Country was at 54, 40 degrees north. Oregon Country demanded "Fifty-four fourty, or fight!" No one wnated a war against them. When they started to loose control over food and water, Oregon started giving away land. That's when america conquered Oregon ans Washington.
  • Mexican Cession and Gadsen Purchace (16.8)

    Mexican Cession and Gadsen Purchace (16.8)
    After U.S won Texas over, Mexico wanted them back. A huge war broke out, and the United States became almost as big as North America as we know it today.