Manifest destiny

Unit 5; Westward Expansion

By HeidiM
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    Unit 5; Westward Expansion

    About westward expansion
  • Importance

    Texas became a state
  • Events

    War with Mexico & slege of the Alamo
  • Outcomes

    Boundry between Texas & Mexico
  • Western Expansion; Territories Added

    Western Expansion; Territories Added
    Organ Territory, Mexican Cession, Louisiana Purchase, Texas, & Florida
  • Effect

    U.S. policies that expanded U.S. territory westward by wars with Indian tribes and Mexico, purchases from foreign governments, & annexation of Texas
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    Belief held in the 19th century by many Americans that U.S. was destined to span from Atlantic to Pacific ocean, spreading it's culture and democracy, belief had political, ecomonic, and social roots