Turkeys History

By jdb4255
  • Turkey Becomes A Country

    Turkey Becomes A Country
    An assembly in Turkey votes that Kemal Ataturk will be the president. That day Turkey becomes a rebublic.
  • President Ataturk Dies

    President Ataturk Dies
    He was a heavy drinker most of his life. AT the end of his life he developed liver and kidney problems and died at the age of 57
  • Earthquake Hits Turkey Hard

    Earthquake Hits Turkey Hard
    An earthquake hit 7.7 on the Richard scale. It claimed 25,000 people's lives.
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    The constituion is Turkeys fundamental law. It explains the organization of the government,the principles and rules, and the rights of the citizens. It was ratified on November 7.
  • Children Are Trapped And Die

    Children Are Trapped And Die
    Over 160 people many of them schoolchildren are trapped in an earthquake and later die in an earthquake near Bingol.
  • Suicide Bombing

    Suicide Bombing
    25 people killed and ove3r 200 are injured when two bombs explode in two different cars near the synogaouge in Instanbul.
  • First Broadcast

    First Broadcast
    The State TV does their first Tv braodcst in the Turkish-Kurdish language
  • Gunman Opens Fire

    Gunman Opens Fire
    A gunmanopens fire in the highest court killing a judge and injuring 4 others. Thousands of Turks prtest against what they think is a Islamic Fundamentalist attack.
  • 3 People Jailed

    3 People Jailed
    The court jails 3 people for the 2007 killing of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, one of the three will be in jail for life. The verdict promts protest that that no one has been convicted of the alledged killing of Mr. Dink.
  • SledgeHammer Plot

    SledgeHammer Plot
    nearly 70 member of the Turkish military are arested bacause of the aleged "SledgeHammer" plot. And thrirty three are charged with trying to overthrow the government.