Trade developments and networks by way of the Indian Ocean.

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  • 6,000 BCE


    Crops were huge to the Indian Ocean Trade. This led to an increase interest in soil fertility
  • 2,300 BCE

    Egyptian Cotton

    Egypt became important and known for their Egyptain cotton
  • 1,850 BCE

    Africa Slave Trade

    Africa Slave Trade
    The Arab traders started settling among the Africans of the coast. People and culture merged into what we know today as Swahili. The slave trade continued to grow .
  • 1,602 BCE

    The Dutch tries to take over

    The Dutch had a desire to take over the trade industry and change it to a new pattern. They wanted trade even more spices
  • 1,498 BCE

    Portuguese Join the Slave Trade

    The Portuguese wanted to join the Indian Ocean trade. The Portuguese entered the trade as pirates and seized multiple ports. The Portuguese started to rob ships.
  • 1,453 BCE

    China Trade Port

    Silk, porcelain, tea, spices and sugars were traded
  • 1,324 BCE

    East Africa Trade

    Ivory, gold, and iron was traded
  • 1,200 BCE

    Iron Blossoms

    Iron becomes a hit slave item because they were used to make weapons
  • -960 BCE

    The Compass

    Once the compass was invented , travelers were able to sail better and go further distances
  • -900 BCE

    Kamal Tool

    This is a simple navigation device that was used by Arab navigators in the Indian Ocean. It consists of a small, rectangular card that had a knotted cord passed through it. The Kamal helped determine latitude at sea by.
  • -800 BCE

    The Indian Ocean Trade Began

    The Indian Ocean Trade Began
  • -700 BCE

    The birth of Islam

    Islam started to spread
  • -500 BCE

    The spread of religion

    Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism spread to Southeast Asia all the way from India. Eventually, Christianity started spreading.
  • -130 BCE

    Silk Trade

    Because of the high demand for silk, silk trades became a thing. The great Wall of China apparently was built to help the Silk Trade rout.
  • -50 BCE

    A new trade route

    A new route is developed through the Sraits of Malacca. This connected the Indian Ocean with South China Sea.
  • -45 BCE

    Monsoon Winds Discovered

    Monsoon Winds Discovered
    Monsoon winds were discovered by Hippalus These winds were important because it aided the sailors in traveling. It helped them reach overseas.
  • 1347

    The Bubonic Plauge

    The Bubonic Plauge had first broke out in China. It then spread throughout the Northern trade routes. It affected many people across the ports and it was transmitted
  • Fort Jesus

    In 1593 the Portuguese began construction of Fort Jesus to guard the Old Port of Mombasa, Kenya, a critical outpost securing their trade route to India and their territories in East Africa.
  • The British Joins

    The British joined in with their British East India Company. This challenged for control of the trade routes.
  • Magan Boat

    The Magan boat was used. This boat was made out of reeds, and coated with bitumen clay, and flitted with a mask and a square sail and steering oars.