Timeline of Me

  • Birth

    On September fifteenth I was born
  • I go to Seattle

    This was my first trip out of state and it was when I was only 3 weeks old.
  • I have a sister

    On this day Jaye was born
  • We move to North Riverside

    I originally lived in Berwyn, but my parents decided that the school system there was not adaquete, so we moved to North Riverside.
  • We get a dog

    On this day we get our dog Zelda who is still with us and still eats everything in sight.
  • First Day at Komarek School

    This day was the first day that I ever went into the school I would be in for the next nine years. I had Mrs. Scriba.
  • I almost drown

    During this day I thought that I was going to drown. I was down by the pier at our rented lakehouse when I fell in between the pier and one of the boats. If I had been thinking I would have just pushed off and swam away, but instead I panicked and tried to pull my self. I eventually pulled myself up, but if I had fallen back in I may have drown because I was panicking.
  • I go to Florida

    In Florida my family spent 5 days in Disneyworld, and then met up with our extended family in a condo on the Gulf coast.
  • We go to Texas

    We went on this trip for an organization called Sokol where we competed. Every family member brought home a different medal. I finished third in the Fitness Challenge. I got a migraine while we were in Texas and I threw up on the street.
  • Junior High

    This was actually the second day of junior high. I missed the first day of school because I had strep throat.
  • I made the track team.

    During this track season I didn't win any events, because the evnts I was good at were not available to sixth graders. However Our combined sixth and seventh grade team won overall.
  • We go to Tenessee

    We stayed in the Smoky Mountains for a week where we hiked up the mountains.. During one of the hikes my mom got tired and layed down and rested on a rock. We also went river rafting and zip lining.
  • NJHS

    On this day I was inducted into the NJHS and have been a member ever since.
  • My Grandma died

    My Grandma died two days after her son's (my dad's) birthday.
  • I make track again

    During this track season I won many of my events, but overall our team did not win.
  • The Family visits Tucson

    For this trip we flew down to Tucson, Arizona and visited my cousin and her family for a couple days. My dad and I went hiking in the mountains. There were a ton of Saguaro cacti. Then we all drove to Las Vegas, NV. On the way we stopped at the Hoover Dam and Montezuma's Castle.
  • 8th Grade

    On this day I enter my last year of schooling at Komarek.
  • I make the soccer team

    This was the only school team I ever made besides track. While I had many saves playing goalie and got very muddy, our team did not do well at all.
  • I make track for the last time

    During this track season we only had two meets, due to flooding and rain. However during both of those meets I won the shotput competition. Unfortunately I did poorly in the 800 meter.
  • I become taller than my dad.