Timeline of Early Conflict. Delaney McCann

  • May 1948

    May 1948
    British mandate over Palestinian was eliminated. Population dropped from 70,000 to 4,000. Thomas C Wasson was assassinated
  • September and October 1948

    September and October 1948
    Folk Bernadotte was assassinated. All Palestinian government was assembled. Israeli army killed at least 70 villagers
  • 1949

    300 infiltrators killed by Israeli army. Armistice signed with Syria, Transjordan, Egypt, and Lebanon.
  • 1953

    71 Israelis attacked and killed by Palestinian infiltrators. Operation Viper on the Track, attacked seven west coast villages and Bedouin camp. Operation Vengeance and Reprisal, four West Bank villages attacked six killed.
  • 1954

    Operation Lion, village attacked nine killed. Arab gang attacked bus, 11 killed. Operation Eye for a Eye Israeli company attacked a post killing 10 or 9 people. Start of the Lavon affair
  • 1955

    Operation Black Arrow killed 38 soldiers and 2 civilians. Israeli army attacked outskirts of Khan Yunis killing 72 Egyptians and Palestinians. Operation Volcano killed 81 Egyptian soldiers,
  • 1956

    Moshe Dayan ordered the shelling of the center of Gaza City, 61 people killed. Police station attacked between 70 and 90 Jordanians killed. In Kafr Qasim massacre, 48 or 49 Arab civilians were killed by Israeli police forces
  • 1964

    The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organisation) was founded in Cairo by the Arab League
  • The Six Day War

    The Six Day War
    In 1967 Israel launched a defensive on the Egyptian Air Force, this attack started the Six Day War, which ended with between 15000 and 20000 war casualties
  • War of Attrition

    War of Attrition
    Egypt waged a war against Israel, Israel fought the Battle of Karameh and launched an attack on a airport