timeline of Aztec Invasion

  • Feb 19, 1519

    Cortes sails from Mexico to Cuba .

    This was important because it showed Cortes' determination to explore Mexico .
  • Mar 14, 1519

    The Spanish masacre thousands of Aztecs while preparing for a religous festival

    Cortes has taken power over the weaken people .
  • May 25, 1519

    Tlaxcalans attack the Spanish

    The spanish ended up having to the truce with the Tlaxcalans , because they both hated the Aztecs .
  • Sep 18, 1519

    tlaxcalans form an alliance with the spanish.

    This lead Cortes to feel safe because he has now a bigger army of men to defeat the Aztecs .
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Moctezuma and Cortes meet .

    The two rivaling leader finally meet , ehick=h means this was the time for Cortes to star to his journey to obtain the treasures beyond the Aztec Empire . He also wanted to take over the Aztec's land too .
  • Dec 13, 1519

    The Spanish retreat after the Aztec gain arm

    This was a threat to Cortes becaus enow the Aztecs were gaining in power and Cortes was afraid that he did not have enough men for deafet and conquer of the aztec empire .
  • Jan 17, 1520

    Moctezuma dies .

    Cortes found this as an advantage to take over the Aztec empire when the people no longer had a leader .
  • Apr 4, 1520

    Cortes becomes govenor of Spain

    Cortes could now have all the gold and treasures that he has always dreamed about
  • Jun 15, 1520

    The Spanish attempt to escape from the Technolotian

    they knew that they didn`t stand a chance against the army of the Aztec .
  • Jun 15, 1520

    the spanish form a second attack on the now weakned Aztecs

    The Soanish would have an easy victory now that the Aztec armies have all been affected and weakened .
  • Aug 28, 1520

    The last groups of Aztecs surrender

    The Spanish have finally conqurered The Aztecs and thier land .
  • Sep 15, 1520

    The Aztecs beign to die and suffer from smallpox

  • Aug 13, 1521

    Cortes takes Moctezuma hostage .

    With this Cortes was able to have Moctezuma tell his people that everything was okay . This also let Cortes have the ability to continue his hunt for treasure .