american history 1492-1733

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    In 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue. Columbus never landed on America, he was on the islands of Hispaniola, where Haiti is today. Columbus sailed across the ocean on three ships the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Bahama Island

    Bahama Island
    Christopher Columbus's crew sights the Bahamas island.
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    Treaty of Tordesillas
    The Treaty of Tordesillias helped divide land between Spain and Portugal. The lion's share went to Spain, and Portugal got territory in Africa, Asia,and Brazil
  • Mar 27, 1513

    Juan Ponce de Leon explores Flordia

    Juan Ponce de Leon explores Flordia
    Juan Ponce de Leon was another ambitious Spaniar who wanted to explore Flordia. Leon first believed he found an island, seeking gold, but instead met his death, by the Indians.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Hernan Cortes set sail to Cuba

    Hernan Cortes set sail to Cuba
    Cortes set sail to Cuba, bound for Mexico and destiney. Off the Yucatan peninsula, Cortes rescues a two enslaved indians, whiched helped Cortes talk to the Aztecs.The Aztecs believed Cortes was a God, because he rode in on a "Deer" horse.
  • Jun 30, 1521

    Aztecs attack the Spanish

    Aztecs attack the Spanish
    Aztecs figured out that the Spanish were only after gold and power. It says that the Spanished 'thirsted for gold and lusted for it, like pigs."Next, the Aztec's attack the Spanish, and drive them out of Tenochtitlan in a bloddy retreat.
  • Aug 13, 1521

    Smallpox Epidemic

    Smallpox Epidemic
    After the bloody war with the Spanish and Aztecs, a horrible smallpox epidemic blew through the town. The Aztec gave way to three years of Spanish ruling.
  • Sep 28, 1542

    Cabrillo explores California

    Cabrillo explores California
    Cabrillo traveled all over the place from San Salvador to Californa. he also traveled on uncharted waters when he landed in California. Cabrillo landed on San Diegeo and called it San Miguel.
  • May 12, 1551

    The spread of education

    The spread of education
    Half a ceentury after Columbus's discovery, the spread of Spanish cities and towns grew in American. This then lead to the printing press, books, and universities. These universities were found in Mexico City, Lima, and Peru.
  • Raleigh finds the Roanokes

    Raleigh finds the Roanokes
    Sir Walter Raleigh was the founder of the Roanoke Islands, North Carolina. As soon as Raleigh landed on Roanoke, he quickly established a relationship with the natives. Now we understand why Raleigh is North Carolina's Capital.
  • Battle of Acoma

    Battle of Acoma
    Don Juan de Onate, treated the Pueblo people very rude. Onate crulley abused the Pueblo people, by cutting off one foot of each of the survivors, so the Pueblos couldn't attack the Spanish. This would then lead to the Spanish claiming more of New Mexico.
  • The forming o f Jamestown

    The forming o f Jamestown
    After the English settlers were attacked by Indians on the Chesapeake Bay, they traveled a further to a wooded area they would call Jamestown. The settles named the town after King James.
  • First Anglo-Powhatan War ends

    First Anglo-Powhatan War ends
    This war has been going on for about five years, it started in the fall of 1609. This is a little while after the Jamestown settles founded Virginia. This war was between the English and the Indians, to be more specific Pocahontas's father.
  • Maryland Founded

    Maryland Founded
    Maryland was the second plantation colony and fourth English colony. Maryland was founded by the Lord Baltimore, of a Catholic family.
  • Second Anglo-Powhatan War

    Second Anglo-Powhatan War
    The second was against the English and the Indians was still the same argument from the first war. The Powhatans just wanted the English to stay off their land, but the English didn't. This was going to be the last war with the Powhatan Confederacy. In the end Opechancanough, who was one of the Powhatan Confedercies, was shot in the ack and died.
  • Barbados slave code adopted

    Barbados slave code adopted
    This code was made to help those who were slaves be free and be protected from their cruel masters. This code required a master to give their slave a pair of clothes per year. This code didn't state anything about working conditions or diet. So this code really only helped the masters, not the slaves.
  • South Carolina Seperated

    South Carolina Seperated
    Before there was a North or South Carolina, there was just Carolina. The settlers named it that after Charles II. This colony seperated into two, due to the friction between government, which led to two royol English colonies.
  • Tuscarora War

    Tuscarora War
    This war was between the Dutch, British, German, and Tuscarora Naitives on North Carolina. The war was from 1711-1713, but the end of the war brought a signed treaty, which lead a permanent settlement of North Carolina by the Europeans.
  • Yamasee War

    Yamasee War
    The Yamasee War was one of the bloodiest wars in America. The war was between the British settlers in South Carolina and the Yamasee Native Indians. This war killed several people, settlements, and colonist. About 7% of white citizens were killed. This war caused a lot of destruction.
  • Georgia Colony Founded

    Georgia Colony Founded
    Georgia was intended to keep the Carolina colony safe, against the Spanish from Flordia, the French, and more. Georgia also suffered, due to all the wars and much bufferting from Spain and England.