American history

american history timeline

  • Jun 1, 1001

    the vickings newfinland

    the vickings newfinland
    The vickings were people who came from scandinavia. In A.D.1001,Leif Ericsson and 35 other vickings explored the coast of labrador and stayed the winter in newfoundland.
  • Nov 1, 1493

    columbus second voyage to america

    columbus second voyage to america
    columbus soon left for his second voyage with 17 ships and 1,200 colonists. In november 1493 he landed in hispaniola, many of the colonists felt that columbus had mislead them with the promises of gold so the colonists went back to spain. columbus stayed and found more gold.
  • Jan 1, 1497

    england takes interst in america

    in 1497 ,the king of england sent john cabot to find the western route to asia.
  • Jan 1, 1511

    the spanish encourted the Aztec

    the spanish encourted the Aztec
    spanish troops led by diego velazque conquered cuba
  • Nov 1, 1511

    The spanish encounter the aztec

    in 1511 spanish troops, led by divelazquez ,conqured cuba.cortes took part in the invasion and his courage impressed velazquez.
  • Jan 1, 1513

    juan pounce de leon

    juan ponce de leon , the spanish governor of puerto rico discovered in 1513.
  • Feb 18, 1519

    The spanish Encounter the Aztec

    Cortes set sail for mxico. He had 11 ships, 550 men, and 16 horses.
  • Jan 1, 1520

    the reformation divides europe

    the reformation divides europe
    luther was expelled from the catholic church but his ideas started to spread rapidly across western europe.
  • Nov 1, 1520

    orgnizing rebellions

    orgnizing rebellions
    In 1520 the aztec priests orgnized a rebellion aganist the spanish and drove out of the captial.
  • Nov 1, 1521

    defeating the aztec

    defeating the aztec
    in 1521 cortes launches another attack and this time he defeated the aztec
  • Nov 1, 1524

    the french empire in america

    the french empire in america
    In 1524, three years after cortes conquered the aztec, king francis 1of france sent giovannai da verrazano to map no0rth americas coastline
  • Jan 1, 1526

    pizarro conquers the inca

    pizarro conquers the inca
    in 1526 pizarro landed in preu and encourted the inca empire
  • Nov 19, 1527

    king henery gets married

    king henery gets married
    in 1527 king henery the 8th asked the pope to his annual marriage
  • Nov 1, 1550

    economy changes in england

    england was produceing mare wool than europeans would buy and the price fell.
  • new france is founded

    fur-particularly beaver -fur had become very fashionable in europe.
  • jamestown is founded

    in 1606 england granted the virginia company premission to establish colonies in virginia.
  • the piligrims land at plyomuth

    to escape this prescution one group of separatist fled to holland in 1608
  • virginia company

    in 1614 the virginia company had hired captian john smith to explore the region .
  • the mayflower arrives in america

    in september 1620, 102 passangers set off on the journey across the altantic aboard the mayflower .the trip took 65days.
  • a city on a hill

    the company(massachustts bay company)had already recieved a royal charter to create a colony in new england.
  • roger williams founds providence

    a young minister named roger williams arrives in boston.
  • roger williams founds providence

    a young minister named roger williams arrives in boston
  • james is founded

    england granted the virginia company permission to establish colonies in virgina.
  • new france expands

    france's king louis xiv sized controal to new france and made it a royal colony.
  • new netherland

    king charles decided that the time had come to seize new netherland.
  • the holy experiments

    william penn became involved in quaker attempts to create a colony in the 1670.
  • war

    wr erupted between the backcountry settlers and native americans
  • the georgia experiment

    the georgia experiment
    general james oglethorpe , a wealthy member of parilaments, was appalied to find that many people in england were in prison simply because they could not pay their debts.
  • settling louisiana

    settling louisiana
    the french in louisiana had imported over 1,800 enslaved africans to work on their plantations
  • the spanish settle the the southwest

    the spanish settle the the southwest
    spanish missionaries led by the franciscan priest. junipero of serra took controal of california by establishing a chain of missions from san diego to san franciso.
  • slavery in the colonies

    slavery in the colonies
    between 10 and 12 million africans were transported on the jouney known as the middle passage.
  • columbus sails to america in august 1492

    columbus sails to america in august 1492
    colombus and his three ships left spain in august 1492.he landed on the bahamas , probably on what is today called watling island. columbus found the island of cuba and hispaniola. He then returned to spain with gold,parrots,spices, and native americans.
  • new spain expands

    new spain expands
    after destorying the tenochitilan, cortes ordered a new city ,named mexico, to be built in its place.