Early American Civilizations

  • 10,000 BCE


    Earth's temperature began to rise
    The Ice age was ending
    The land bridge that brought over the travellers could no longer be crossed, so they had to settle in America
  • 10,000 BCE

    The Inuit (Before 10,000 BC)

    The Inuit hunted and fished
    Traveled around on sleds made of skins and bones pulled by dogs
    Scientists believe the Inuit were the last migrants to cross the land bridge before it was covered by water again
  • 7000 BCE

    Early settlers

    People in South America and Central Mexico started to plant seeds and grow food
    They learned how to raise an early form of corn called Maize
  • 1300 BCE

    The Olmec People

    Lived along the Gulf Coast
    One of the first civilizations
    Farmers, fishers, artists, sculptors, and preists
    First americans to use stone in architecture
  • 800 BCE

    The Adena People

    Lived along the Ohio River
    One of the first Mound Builder people
    Mound Builders were people who built small rounded earth either to bury their dead or for religious reasons
  • 300 BCE

    The Mayan Culture

    Lived in what is now Southern Mexico and Guatemala
    Mayans formed corn dough into flat cakes similar to modern day tortillas
    Built many large cities
    Were skilled astronomers and built pyramids
  • 200 BCE

    The Hopewell People

    Stood out for their flamboyant burial customs and outstanding architecture
    Traded raw materials and artifacts across North America
  • 200

    The Anasazi

    Emerged in the South West
    Used irrigation to water their farms
    Worshipped many gods related nature
  • 700

    The Mississippians

    Many Mississippian towns contained mounds 100 feet or higher
    Created beautiful objects made of stone, marine shells, pottery, and natural copper.
    Came to an end with the arrival of the Eurpoeans
    Remaining people moved to trade with the Europeans
  • 700

    The Mississippian Civilization

    Typically group into cheifdoms
    Unknown Language
    Lived in small towns based on farming
  • 1000

    The Cahokia People

    Built small rounded piles of earth to bury their dead
    The largest ancient mound is at Cahokia, California
    Lived along the Mississippi River
  • 1100

    The Aztecs

    Settled in the Valley of Mexico
    Captured their enemies
    ar was important to their people
    Aztec culture is still present in Mexican culture today
  • 1300

    Anasazi Leave Their Pueblos

    Left their homes to live in smaller communities
    Viliages lost becaues of drought--crops began to dry up
  • 1400

    The Incas

    Conquered neighboring people
    Both Aztec and Inca built great stone monuments that tell us about their lives
    Were called "Children of the Sun"
  • 1400

    The Incas

    Established their empire in southern Peru
    Conqured neighboring people and stretched from present-day Ecuador to central Chile
    Both the Aztec and Inca built stone monuments
  • 1438

    Pachuti Comes into Power

    Brought his son, TOa Inca, to conquer communities
    Organized the empire
    Made people pay taxes and spread the Inca religion
  • 1519

    The Fall of the Aztecs

    Hernan Cortes, a Spanish conquistador, first led his soldiers to the Aztec civilization
    Invasion led to Montezuma's death
    Diseases the Spanish brought were extremely deadly to the Aztecs
  • 1532

    Fall of the Incas

    Destroyed by civil war
    Spanish invaded and took out the empire
  • 1572

    Dawn of a New Emire

    Highly developed civilizations flourished in the Western Hemisphere
    Protugal looked for a sailing route close to Africa's coast so they could trade
  • 1572

    Inca Empire Collapes

    Last emporer executed by Spanish invaders led by Fransisco Pizarro
    The descendants of the Incas still live in Peru today