The People of The Sun & The Spaniard Conquistador

By jxpxvv
  • Jun 1, 1518

    A New Quest

    Cortes left for Yucatan. He had taken 11 ships, 508 fighting men, 100 sailors, 200 Indigenious slaves, and 16 horses.
  • Aug 27, 1519

    Establishing La Villa Rica de la Veracruz

    Cortes established a town called La Villa Rica de la Veracruz on the coast of Mexico, which he declared as an independent government. He sent a ship filled with treasure and sunk the other ten so the other soldiers couldn't leave.
  • Aug 30, 1519

    Meeting Malinche

    Cortes decided to march to the heart of Tenochtitlan, on the way they encountered many indigenous people. One in particular caused a war, the Tabascans. When Cortes defeated these people in a war, after the war Cortes was rewarded with gold, food, clothing, and slaves. This one particular slave named Malinche had caught Cortes' eye. After her father died, she was sent in to be a slave, but little did they know she became an important aspect in the great war.
  • Sep 2, 1519

    The March to Tenochtitlan

    Cortes continued on, on his way he met the Totonacs. These people invited Cortes and his men into their capital city; Zempoala. Cortes promised these people protection from Moctezuma in exchange for warriors. Next were the Tlaxcalans; they fought the Spanish but the Spanish offered peace and in return the Spanish got 1000 more soldiers. The Cholulans were next, they were the loyal allies of the Aztecs. If it weren't for Malinche overhearing about a plan of the attack, the Aztecs would have won.
  • Sep 8, 1519

    House Arrest

    After seeing all the gold, Cortes was craving for more. He put Moctezuma under house arrest, in his own palace. They looted gold from the royal palces and melted them down. After that Mocterzuma was forced to be a subject of Spanish rule.
  • Sep 9, 1519

    The Deadly Meeting

    The Deadly Meeting
    Cortes and Moctezuma met half way. Moctezuma showed Cortes the gold and his beautiful city to the Spanish in hopes of getting them to leave. The Spaniards starved for the gold, they wanted more. Moctezuma invited Cortes and his men to reside in one of his palaces.
  • Sep 16, 1519

    Massacre & Coast Battles

    News came that the Spanish troops arrived on the coast to arrest Cortes. Cortes left Tenochtitlan with a few soldiers. Cortes decided to leave Pedro de Alvarado in charge. Alvarado allowed a festival to happen, when the parade happened he massacred the dancers. When Cortes got back after winning the battle and gathering more men from the new troop; he found Tenochtitlan in absolute chaos.
  • Sep 17, 1519

    The War

    Cortes forced Moctezuma outside to calm his people, but thhey threw stones at their emperor. Shortly after, Moctezuma died either getting stoned to death or strangled by the Spaniards. The Aztecs destroyed the Spanish people and drove them out of Tenochtitlan.
  • Oct 31, 1519

    The Disease

    After the Spanish soldiers have been drove out, the Aztecs were at peace; but a terrible disease had hit them and 25% of the population diied of Small pox. The Spanish had brought the disease with them, and because the Aztecs did not have much of an immune system like the Spanish did. They were weak.
  • Apr 8, 1520

    Return of the Spaniards

    About 6 months later Cortes came back to Tenochtitlan with a stronger army. He cut the aqueducts to the city. Only 60,000 Aztecs survived as they stood there and see their city lay in ruins around them. Later on Cortes would lay foundations on the ruins of the city and start a Spanish colony.
  • Jan 23, 1523

    Arrival of the Priests

    Cortes wrote to KIng Carlos asking him to send religious persons of goodly life. During those years, priests dressed in grey robes of the Fransiscan order came off Spanish ships. They vowed to live in the poorest conditions. They hiked to Mexico City which was 500 km away from Vera Cruz. Cortes kissed their robes when they arrived and the Aztecs were in awe,
  • Jan 27, 1523

    New Economy

    New Economy
    The Spanish introduced the encomienda, with a piece of land the settlers were alloted a number of Aztecs. The land owners were supposed to treat them right and teach them Christian religion, but instead they were treated poorly and even abused. The Spanish were at the top and the Aztecs were at the bottom in this new economic order.