Time Trip.. to the past

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    King Arthur

    King Arthur
    I went back and met King Arthur and actually saved him from a dragon by attacking the beast from behind and stabbing it in his head until he died. The king then made me a member of the knights of the round table. which was a great honor. I came back and found out this is who i was named after.
  • May 9, 1500


    we go back aqnd meet the queen and are adopted by her and we end up ruling the country as a team... with amazing outfits
  • Aug 8, 1505

    mona lisa

    go back in time and switch mona lisa with joe.
  • oops!!!

    i go back and switch the coordinates for the bomb going to hiroshima, japan. and we bomb the middle east in stead. i come back and find out that september 11th never happened and there is no war on terror.
  • Go back and meet Marilyn Monroe

    Go back and meet Marilyn Monroe
    I went back and met marilyn monroe and we ended up going out onj a date. we went to the movies. then we went on a cruise for three weeks. and then i returned to my time and she was the first openly gay actress... ever.
  • President

    go back and make joe and lex president and vice president and end up saving the economy and becoming the greatest world power.
  • Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig
    i go back in time and become the main girl character in "quantam of solace" so daniel craig and i can work together. I come back and find out we are married and i am a famous celebrity.
  • time machine

    time machine
    time machine invented
  • old

    we see ourselves old and kicking and still friends but we are extremely wrinkley and go back to present and invent a age defying mechanism