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Time Toast Project

  • 200

    How will I do this?

    How will I do this?
    You and your partner will work together to reserach, compile the information, and finally add events to your timeline.
  • 300

    Pictures and Descriptions

    Pictures and Descriptions
    You need to include pictures in each of your time line event posts, most of which you can find on google.com/images. Your descriptions need to be indepth enough that WHEN we share these with each other, people can follow along with you as you lead them through your timetoast timeline.
  • Today's Work

    Today's Work
    Today in class you are going to be working with a partner to create a time line, represetnting the history of a city-state that you are assigned.
  • BCE Event Title Blah Blah Blah

    How to list your event. Timetoast does not support BC timelines so you need to list your event with BCE or CE, five spaces, and then the event title. It WILL make it a tad strange because of the way it will list things BUT it will work for our purposes.