TheWar Of 1812

  • President Madison takes office

    president madisison took offic in march 1809.james
  • Period: to

    The War of 1812

    Alexes Pitcher
  • War Hawks take power

    the war hawks took power in march of 1810. john c caljoun and henry clay were involved.the war halks were egaer for war with britain.
  • Relations with Grate Britain Worsen

  • America is not Ready for War

  • Britain Blockades America Ports

  • Invasion of Canada

  • USS Constitution scores a victory

  • Battle of Lake Erie

  • Battle of Thames

  • Battle of Horeshoe Bend

  • Washington ,D.C Attacked &Burned

  • Attack on Balimore & the Whiting of star Spangle Bannes

    americans defeat the british at fort mchenry
    national american created by francis scott kay
  • hartford convention

    united states
    independence from britain
  • Tready of Ghent

    united states
    u.s. officially independent
    allowed to be punished
    treaty of ghent signed ended war
  • Battle of New Orleans

    united states: andrew jackson
    andrew jackson won a stunning victory over the british
  • Congress Declares War on Britain